Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Give them a day and they want a week

Valentine's Day. Blech!
A DAY. One unit comprised of 24 hours. That's enough. But now I see ads for Valentine's Week. Valentine's Weekend.  When will it stop? Oh, don't get me wrong. I'm not opposed to love or romance. Quite frankly, I'm open to both.  And another thing, please don't tell me I have the greatest love of all.  My son is a treasure. That I'm fully aware. Cupid's arrow had absolutely nothing to do with that unquestionable affection, either. Please don't be condescending by reminding me that I'm loved by so many people. You know exactly what the modern Valentine's Day represents.  Yes, I'm a tad pissy that I am without. So sue me! I'm not angry at love.  I'm aggravated about Valentine's Day.

Something else that irks me about this holiday are the people (read women) who seem to gloat that they aren't spending it snarfing down chocolates they bought for themselves. Great! Hooray. Her foolish hawt man bought her some romantic shit so this demanding gal won't bitch and moan and cause him a migraine.  Ten to one says she picked it out and insisted if he didn't buy that pricey gift then he'd get none of which he desires: The poonalalatingtang. Well, at least she thinks he's that simple.  Maybe he is. Clearly don't know how to unlock the mystery of the hirsute sex.  For what it's worth, I'm not suggesting everybody who celebrates this holiday with their significant other, spouse or life partner is faking it for the bling or sexual favors.  Some of you actually pay homage to your relationships every day of the year and don't do it for show. No, the chick I'd like to smack in the mouth with Cupid's dirty diaper keeps a running tab in her head about what her boyfriend has bought for her. Chances are the bitch can't afford to keep a roof over her own head let alone buy this guy a decent gift.

I digress.  I'd blame this blasted cold, but I rather enjoy venting. It's much like a cleansing sneeze or the comfort of the aloe treated tissue on your nose when it is red and raw. Ahhhhh

So, I ask you, who decided that Valentine's Day should be one day shy of Hanukkah? Hallmark? The Society of American Florists? Kay Jewelers? Fannie May Candies?  Is this day of loooooooooove now intended to give the economy a post Christmas shove?

I'm babbling. Perhaps my bitterness has taken a toll. I pray not. I'd like to think my book isn't complete. I just need that special boy to help me put down more chapters.

Everyday I Write the Book


  1. This holiday has made me bitter since the first grade, when you checked your Valentine folder at the end of the day only to find 3 from your girlfiends. Blurgh. I'm married to a nice guy, and we blow it off completely.

  2. The husband and I are celebrating it but only because it's an excuse to spoil one another more than usual. :D We try hard to appreciate each other every day.

  3. You can always ignore the valentine part & just celebrate my birthday. :D


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