Monday, February 22, 2010

Countdown to thirty

As a gift to myself, I mentioned on February 15th that I bought the EA Sports Active program for the Wii. Prior to buying it I had been sick.  Even though I've managed to feel better, my lungs weren't up to the challenge. Or, at least that is the story I was feeding myself while indulging on crap-food.  The subconscious Marissa was fighting the pending launch back into a healthier lifestyle.  My subconscious alter-ego is ultra lazy and craves junk food.  While I do not crave or love sweets, that chubby nitwit devours them before the conscious me is aware. I'm sure she has chloroform in her arsenal in which to render the smart me into a delirious haze of submission.

With all the chips out of the house, Monday is a new week.  Today, I tore into the cellophane of the EA program like Charlie Bucket tears into that Wonka Bar.  Being excited, even if feigned, helps the endeavor along.  At least for me.  Naturally, I wouldn't be able to perform the required workout while wearing my yellow terry cloth robe, Disney t-shirt and granny panties.  It was obvious a bra would have to be worn along with supportive sneakers. At the top of my first workout program was the word RUN. Oy to the vey! Are they serious? Next time, I'm doubling up my bras. Do you have any idea how challenging it is to run when your left arm is braced against your boobs to keep from knocking yourself out? It is also abundantly clear why indoor tracks are not carpeted. It's difficult to put rubber to the fibers without stumbling even if it's jogging in place. Another thing that was painfully clear is when I tried to put on the leg strap (the nunchuk has to be in there for the movement to register). I have Eric Heiden sized speed skater thighs but without the pesky hassle of countless hours of painstaking training. Oreos and McDonald's French Fries were my chosen regimen.  ACK!.

Thank God I didn't over estimate my performance level. I played it safe by choosing low impact. Holy swoobies*, Batman! The next twenty-nine days are going to give the word challenge whole new meaning for this chunky but funky** girl.

Something I do know about myself is that my body responds well to physical exertion and activity. The results will be apparent by the end of this 30-Day Challenge with EA Sports Active. I hope you'll check in from time time as I track my progress.  As if I wouldn't write about it. Sheesh!

By the way, while writing this I have consumed two 20 ounce glasses of water with an Advil chaser.

*swoobies = sweaty boobs
**credit to Sean Daly of the St. Petersburg Times for this term.


  1. My idea of exercise is a vigorous game of trivial pursuit with the window open. Fresh air and healthy (mind) exercise!

  2. Suggests, modestly, a good sports bra... it will hold the girls nicely in place allowing you to use both arms to balance yourself. I'd hate to read a post about you falling :-(

  3. I'm interested to hear how you like the EA program. I, too, have a Wii and the Wii fit just doesn't cut it for me. I bought the Jillian Michaels workout (that annoying trainer from The Biggest Loser) but have not been able to understand anything she is telling me to do. :P

  4. Good luck! I'm excited that you are trying this. I have opinions on sports bras, so if you want to know what I like - just ask! :)

    Good for you for making an investment in yourself. I'm always amazed at what I get out of exercise. I'll look forward to hearing what you do.

  5. Sounds like a great program. Good Luck, Have Fun & Stick With It.

  6. This may feel like cheating to you, but you can skip the running parts...I do, because I have bad knees and I need low/no impact. While in the exercise just pause it and it will give you an option to skip it. Or you can make your own workout that doesn't have any running in it.

  7. Heather, thank you! I managed to walk fast. As long as I pulled my knees high it registered as a run. When I was in a literal jog, my Mii barely moved lol


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