Friday, February 12, 2010

My ego needed augmentation

It's difficult to feel bodacious when, in the course of 3 days, you've worn nothing but pajamas and your head is so filled with snot that sneezing gives way to panic that your head will explode. Flat hair and a red nose does not describe hotness. Even the most confident woman might be left feeling less than sexually intoxicating under these conditions. I am not that confident woman. That is unless you're asking me if I'm certain that I currently feel like hell warmed over.

Alas, I have taken to task to answer the BODACIOUS question of the week posed by Jane at Confessions of a Middle-Aged Suburban Diva.  She asks:

What is your personal theme song ... why did you choose it?

Oof! With consideration to the theme of 'being bodacious', I had to dig deep under my current health conditions.  I grew up as the youngest child in a household of eight children.  For as long as I can remember I made choices based on what I thought everyone wanted me to do.  I gave up on myself and dreams if any of those family members showed the slightest bit of doubt in me.  If my hopes were questioned, my desire died. Surely they knew what was best for me, right? Uh, no, but some lessons are learned late. Once I became an adult and got out in the real world, I started to spread my wings.  My mistakes were mine. Plenty were executed with flair.  But I own them and wear them like a badge of courage and honor.  The upside of screwing up with dignity is that I also own each and every triumph.  My stamp is all over it and it gives me a great sense of pride to look back and know that I DID THAT! Sure, I've had a helping hand along the way. I'd never be such an egomaniac to not give credit where credit is due.  But I'm no longer afraid of breaking my arm when I give myself a pat on the back nor do I blush when I give Marissa an atta-girl!

The most difficult task in this journey was to take a leap and trust my instincts.  Sure, there is always the possibility that I'll land flat on my ass, but I have enough faith that I'll defy the gravitational pull of the negative forces ... I'm the master of my own destiny.  With that, I give you my theme song:

Now, if I could just get my breasts and ass to play along :) That'd be totally bodacious.


  1. I know it sounds queer but my personal theme song is Charlotte Sometimes. Yes, a song written by a British band about a children's book. Yep. That's me! ;)

    We watched the last half of hte Glee season on your recommendation and really liked it.

  2. You go girl. Your song is a great choice and definitely describes what you have outlined in your post.

    Now, I wonder what would choose for my theme song.

  3. Good choice...that girl just knocks me dead. Can't wait for April to be a Gleek again!

  4. Dearest,
    On your choosing you have left the security of the nest and are enjoying the freedom of flight. soar Marissa need to look down, the wonder of the winds and your own time tested strenght will keep you flying to greater and greater hights. Always xoxoxo.


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