Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Where have you gone, my little one?

As Mancub stepped off the porch this morning I no longer saw the tot too afraid to go to school. I said goodbye and wished him a wonderful first day of high school as all 6'2" 220 pounds of him lumbered toward the bus stop. With his wavy, floppy hair damp and facial hair fuzzily outgrown, he took one more step towards manhood.

Over the years I have stood at the front window waiting for his bus to pass the house. From the front seat of the bus he always waved; signaling that all was well. Today I felt he might think that too immature or embarrassing. Per habit, I stood at the window. This time veiled behind the sheers. From the front seat of the bus I saw a glimmer of my little boy. He raised his hand just slightly above the base of the window ... a casual wave goodbye.

... and the tears began to flow.


  1. He's a precious guy. No wonder you are so proud of him. Hope he's having a great day at school!
    can't watch the video(?) from work, so I'll check it out later.

  2. YOu have a wonderful boy there. And wonderful memories. Now you both are building new ones. You should be proud, he's a great boy.


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