Friday, August 28, 2009

Ain't no sunshine

In a quest to give the gloomy skies a shove off, I turned to music. Sometimes doing a happy dance in ones underpants can rid the soul of mental gray matter. While I don't have the powers of Mother Nature, my 'rain, rain go away!' dance has been known to work wonders. My dance recently saved a friend's garage sale from impending doom due to severe rain. When the Relay For Life was being threatened by a dismal day, I turned it around to complete blue sky and sunshine. For that one I put out a distress call online. So, I can't take all the credit for that one.

The area weather has been overcast, rainy and thunderous (at times) for three days. Enough is enough! I can't take it. Sunshine is needed.

Youtube is often a great resource because of the other suggestions given. I've discovered a lot of artists with this process. This morning I sought out the tunage of GO WEST. You remember those guys, right? Cute lead singer (Peter Cox) with short hair and guitarist (Richard Drummie) with the fluffy 'do so popular in the '80s. I had the cassette with the hits "We Close Our Eyes," "Call Me," "Don't Look Down." Later, one of their songs would be used in the movie, "Pretty Woman." For what it's worth, they are back and touring. Still looking good! Maybe I'll get to see them if they make to this side of the pond and devote an entire blog post to my concert experience.

Anyway, watching their videos put me in a happier mood and I shared it on Facebook.

Listening to Go West led me to INXS which, somehow in the mix, brought me to a link to the band you see and hear in the video below. Heaven! JACKPOT! Happy-happy-joy-joy! Why hadn't anyone told me about the Noisettes before? They aren't stuck in one type of sound. I listened to other tracks on their youtube channel. First they were a danceable disco like band. *click* something more ethereal and folksy. And then, the retro pop girl group funkiness of the song I chose to post. There's something totally radical about the track Sister Rosetta. I know I've heard that one before somewhere. I can't recall. Probably a commercial for a product totally unrelated to music. Surely some of my music aficionado readers can shed light for me. I'm definitely adding them to my collection of hot new groups to take up residence on my iPod.


  1. booo, video won't play, says "error, try again later."

  2. Curses! That happened earlier to me while on youtube. I hope it plays for you. It's a fun tune. Maybe if you go directly to YT it will work.


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