Thursday, August 20, 2009

Random; yet, purposeful blathering

I sat at this computer struggling to decide which Riss I wanted to share with you today.
"Which Riss? How many are there?" you ask. There are many facets to my persona. Duh! You knew that.

You'll get what I give you and like it. Color me scatter brained.

I've been talking to an old friend I'm joyful to have reconnected with recently. There's a huge gaping hole in our lives that we're filling in. It's one of those "moments of grace" as my friend put it. Good fortune. Happenstance. Serendipity-doo-dah! Kismet. OK, I'm over dramatizing, but I think there's purpose for our reunion. I have stopped (almost) analyzing it and I'm just rolling with it. That's not something I do often. So, please take a moment to mark your calendar. Do a touchy doo hicky tappity tap on your fancy iPhone or high-tech gadgetry. I expect a card next year.

Right, "shut up Marissa and get to the point of this post so I don't log off and find something more interesting to do ... like, watch ice melt."

There really isn't a point. My brain is tapped out. It's a good brain drain, mind you. Tomorrow I'm hitting the highway with Mancub. I'll be going to see RICK SPRINGFIELD in concert while the boy hangs out with my friend's sons and hubby.

To be honest, I'm a little surprised that I'm leaving the confines of Kankakee to go into the unknown. This is HUGE, people. My anti-social self is doing battle with my inner WOOHOO! girl. I've done stuff but it has involved family or a serious twisting of the arm from my friends. I nearly had to be dragged out of my house in order to attend my 25th high school reunion last summer. Remember when my sister gave me tickets to see WICKED in Chicago? I had anxiety attacks for days prior to that. I drove myself and Mancub to Chi-town and didn't get lost or die. Amazing!

I avoid things out of fear and it seems to have gotten worse since I moved to Illinois. When I lived in Georgia I felt fearless. The question now is, WHAT THE HELL!? Oh, and WHY!?

Three days without having to deal with the drudgery of work. No dopey dudes saying, "Sup!?" to me every time he sees me. No one saying, "I'm not trying to be funny, but ..." No one commenting on how cold, warm or stuffy it is in the lab. No one complaining or inquiring about the smell emitting from said lab. No one expecting me to utilize my super powers. **click that link and read, seriously**

So, come this time tomorrow night I'll be screaming my head off and squealing like a 14 year old hyped up on Jolt Cola and Pop Rocks!

Neener! Neener!


  1. A card next year? For???
    Maybe the eastern seaboard agrees with you? Maybe you wanna move east?

  2. Have a rock'n good time Rissy, you deserve it :)

  3. Yoonie! A card commemorating me not over analyzing something.

    Thanks Mr. B. I'm nearly jumping out of my skin waiting to pick Mancub up from school so we can hit the road.

  4. Gyrl, I am so gonna live vicariously through you! I expect a FULL REPORT, ya hear??

    I'm so glad you're doing something fun and exciting AND involving travel. Much love!!


  5. Have FUN at that HUNKA HUNKA BURNIN' RICK Show!
    Hope you get to meet him afterward.

  6. No chance of meeting the divine one. The security was determined to get us out of there asap.


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