Thursday, August 13, 2009

Behind these horn-rimmed glasses ...

...are the eyes of a sword wielding, bodacious heroine!! Be wary if you're a heartbreaking baffoon! Look over your shoulder, asshats! The Rapier is ready to slice and dice you down to size.
I received this as a birthday gift. It's absolutely kick-ass, don't you think? Gifts have been given to me in the past that were touching, thoughtful, pricey, etc... This artistic rendering of my alter ego instantly made me weep. With the exception of presents Mancub has made, I can't recall a time when someone put such a personal touch on a gift. For me. Exclusively. Not another one of its kind. It's all me; just for me. Me me memememememeeeeeeeeeeee!

It's uncanny how spot on the body is in this drawing. Amazing! Yeah, my ass is so firm you could bounce Buicks off my butt. Mmmhmm. And that tiny waist. Yup. Me to a 't'. It's so close to the real thing that one might swear I posed for it.


What has me even more thrilled is that I now have an avatar that is ideal for my blog. I've been longing for a header that suited my blog name and sub-title. Check out the flowing locks! The bustier fits like a glove and appears to be supportive. It's everything I want and more.


  1. Hey, if that picture is correct we could be twins!
    Hope you had a great bday.

  2. WOOOT! You are your own superhero!!


  3. When I saw this unfold on fb last night it made me smile. The joy that came through in your posts was awesome. It's a fantastic gift and you are so deserving of it!

  4. Marissa,

    It's been 20 years, but I didn't know you wore such wild and sexy outfits under the Tee Lenght dresses. Wow I love your range. PK

  5. Oh you sexay thang!
    Wait... Shouldn't there be some crystals on the side of thw eye mask?

  6. Haha! Yoonie, I'll see about having those added. You're right! I need to not only be sharp as a tack, but dazzling!

    PK, I've traded in the Princess Diana dress for a white lab coat. It's a lot easier to remove when duty calls.

  7. Gotta love a woman with stars on her butt!

    Great post by the way :-)

  8. Marissa,
    My boyhood fantasies of you where always as Wonder Women- with the red white and blue corset and gold wrist braclets. You have evolved!!! So goes batman so goes Marissa R.
    I have to admit in 2009 I like you as pictured above.

  9. PK, I would secretly pretend I was Wonder Woman. It's sort of ironic that when I had the body to dress like WW, I had too little confidence. Now that I have enough confidence, I also have too much body.

    but it's certainly nice to know what you think


    did you pose for it?

  11. CAT, nope. Creative license of the artiste

  12. WW,
    Check your email. Tails of yesterday, well a few yesterdays ago. PK

  13. PK, read and replied at length. :)

  14. There is only one thing to say about this, and that is... YOWZAH!!!!


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