Saturday, August 8, 2009

"The idle lips that should have kissed ..."

Last night when I got home from work and settled in, I checked my email. Amongst the newsletters and impersonal advertisements was notification of a comment left on my blog for a post I wrote on May 1. "Sometimes I wonder..." was a primer on how I became musically involved at school. The comment I speak of was left by my one and only date from high school. He took me to the Junior Prom. I wore a pink, tea-length gown fashioned after Princess Diana's wedding dress. My sister Maureen made it for me. My date wore white tails. I wish I had a photo to share, but alas those are tucked away in a box at my sister's house.

As I was saying, in the comment (you can click the post link above and see for yourself) he said he Googled me for the ... of it. And in doing so he found my blog. I have to say I was flabbergasted and flattered that he thought of me and was curious enough about me to turn to Google. I've heard through the 25th reunion grapevine that he's happily married and living in Germany. So, the peanut gallery can refrain from making the obvious remarks.

I must admit that of all the people from my high school class that I always hope will be at reunions it is the man in question. I was a complete dork regarding the opposite sex in high school. I still possess that knack of awkwardness toward men, but I manage to fake it a lot better now. When I confess that I really, really, reaaaaaaaaaally liked this boy back then, I am sincere. Unfortunately, my lack of experience in dating had me running in fear that I wouldn't know what to do beyond giggling, dancing and holding hands. Having a boy lace his fingers in mine had me turning crimson. So, per the norm, I probably missed out on some kind of wonderful due to my naivete.


I'm still reeling from the sudden death of '80s master John Hughes. Earlier this evening I was searching for tunes on One of the featured playlists is one comprised of songs from John Hughes films. So, I clicked on it to listen. Naturally, the obvious ones are there by Simple Minds, Orchestral Maneuvers in the Dark, Psychedelic Furs. Also included is The Dream Academy's cover of the Smith's song "Please, please, please let me get what I want." It's featured in Ferris Bueller's Day Off when Cameron, Sloan and Ferris are visiting the Art Institute of Chicago. You know the scene. The music artfully entwines itself in the visions on the screen. As the song played on youtube, tears streamed from my eyes while the instrumental version poured over me.

Prior to that I had taken a silly quiz to find out which John Hughes movie character I am. My result was Watts from Some Kind of Wonderful. Though, the creator of the quiz chose to write a lesbian description of Mary Stuart Masterson's tomboyish character. They went so far as calling her butch. ACK! From that I thought of one of my favorite scenes from the film also starring Lea Thompson and Eric Stoltz.

Watts does her best friend Keith a favor by letting him know if he had the chops to satisfy Miss Amanda Jones:


  1. Oh that's awesome that he googled you and you guys get to reconnect. I'd like to see the picture of your prom sometime!

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  3. *furiously rifles through fashion magazines in a completely useless attempt to find out just what the hell a "tea-length gown" is*

  4. Tea length is longer than street length (at the knee) and shorter than floor length.


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