Saturday, August 1, 2009

The 10 second interview that's lasted months

Facebook is a time suck There! I said it! I admit it. But it keeps me off the stripper pole.

About 8 months ago someone sent me an invite to do a 10 second interview. I figured I had that much time to spare, right? How many questions could there be? Hundreds! Unless you're John Moschitta, it's unlikely you can answer numerous questions in under 10 seconds ... with exception to that rapid fire questioning in Uncle Buck.

Wait ... that clip is 25 seconds long, but isn't it precious?

So, for my own amusement (and maybe your's) I have extracted 20 gems from Q & A with Miss Riss --

1. What's the sexiest thing the opposite sex can wear? Me
2. Nothing beats ... ? A new pair of underpants
3. In 20 years I will be ...? Still answering these stupid assed questions
4. I don't get mad, I get ...? Psycho
5. When they write my obituary, I hope they mention ... ? I don't care. I'll be dead
6. What flavor are you glad they didn't include in Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans? ASS
7. What kind of pet would you like to have? A kinkaju
8. When you get stressed what are you likely to toss out the window? The person who made me stressed
9. If you were pregnant you'd most likely crave ...? Not being pregnant
10. Pardon my ... ? Tig ol'bitties
11. Blonde, brunette or red head?? Yes, I've been all three. Ask me about the carpet and I'll beat you with your own fist.
12. What would be your theme song? I'll find the app quiz for it and get back to you
13. One in the hand is worth ...? Two in the cash register
14. The O.C. or Dawson's Creek? Eww how dare you sully my head with such garbage
15. Please tell my butler that for breakfast I shall require ...? him to be hot, handsome, tall and ready.
16. If you owned a restaurant what would you call it? Slurping Tatas
17. What will JT bring back now that sexy is back? Parachute pants
18. I'll wait until nobody is looking then I'll ... ? finally pick the underwear out of my crack
19. Do you play any instruments? I don't suppose the skin flute counts, eh?
20. Quick! Write the last sentence of your autobiography: "And she and Thelma and Louise lived happily ever after in comfort ... at last."


  1. Bahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!
    You're absolutely hysterical!
    I guess you're right. I should wait until nobody's looking to pick the underwear out of the crack in public, eh?

  2. Fantastic. Just what I needed this evening.

  3. BWAHAHAHAHAHA! I love it! This is exactly what I needed this evening.

  4. Nothing beats a man dipped in chocolate and holding a succulent strawberry between his lips for me ...

    Miss you tons ...

  5. Keeps you off the stripper pole...priceless! You never cease to completely crack me up, girl ;)


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