Friday, August 28, 2009

The verdict is in ... and on my head

I want to thank those of you who voted on my hair color poll. I was kind of relieved to find that a resounding 73.7 % of you wanted to see me with dark brown hair. Fiery red came in second, but trailing the winner significantly at 15.8 %.

After staring at the wall of color, I grabbed a box. Put it back. Grabbed another. Returned it. You get the idea. I chose the make and model with intense color! If you're going to change, you might as well do it with gusto, right?

Here it is, boys and girls.

Even if the poll said otherwise, I probably would have selected the color that is most like my natural hue. With comments like these, who am I to argue?

"you look positively sultry with dark brown" -- yoonamaniac

"I have to say that the dark brown is the most flattering to your skin tones. It also makes your green eyes more intense, doncha think??" -- anonymous


  1. Very flattering! Dark brown is a great color on you.

  2. The first day of a new color is always most vibrant and intense. It will lighten up in a week. In 4 weeks gray roots will make it appear skunk like and I'll be coloring again. This time I can remember the color name, though. "FOXY BROWN"

    Thanks for the compliments. :)
    *runs hand through hair and hums 'I feel pretty'*

  3. That color is perfect for you! I love it! You.... Look... MAHVELOUS! Seemply MAAAAAHHHHHHVALOUS!

  4. You look beautiful. Wait... wait.... no... you ARE beautiful.

  5. Well Marissa, foxy says it all. Not really- moreover stunning, beautiful, sĂșltry, its you!!

  6. It looks lovely. Very sophisticated.

  7. Thanks, y'all. I have to admit it didn't strike me as odd that I'd let the blogosphere vote for my hair color until someone mentioned it. It's still a little shocking to walk by a mirror and see myself as a near raven haired woman rather than the fiery redhead I'd grown accustomed to.

  8. Hubba hubba hummunna hummunna
    Love what you did with your hair dahling!


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