Saturday, April 5, 2008

You're Glowing!

That's what I've heard these last two days from co-workers. No, I am not pregnant. That would be a feat of immaculate-esque conception. Apparently eating well, getting enough sleep and exercising has, indeed, had an outward effect on my appearance. It's also been noted that I look thinner. YAY!
Today I wore a shirt and jacket that I haven't been able to wear due to sizing issues. The shirt is one of those v-neck lines with an empire waist. You'd think it would overly accentuate Thelma and Louise, but it doesn't. The jacket is a short, buttoned blazer. I got it buttoned and it the seams weren't screaming for mercy. Miraculously, my pants also appear longer. Funny how less flab on the fanny will do that to trousers.
The weather in Kankakee was so beautiful and picturesque. Not a cloud was to be spied and I had to work. Fortunately, the days are longer and I was released from the work prison an hour early. I made tracks for home. On the way home I called Man-cub to inform him he was hitting the walking track with me. First, he requested nourishment. I obliged, let it settle and we hit the road. I insisted he walk one full track before copping out to just sit in the sun and listen to his Jonas Brothers cd. I kept walking at the pace set by my Leslie Sansone 3-mile walk session. I made it! I'd been only walking 2 miles lately and I decided I needed to push myself a wee bit farther.
I've decided to not let the scale be my guide to success. I get down on myself and feel like a failure if the pounds are melting away with ease. My clothing is indication of weight lost. I will, in good time, set foot on the scale just to see my progress, but for now I need to keep my eye on those skinny trousers I have hanging on my closet door. Being able to slip into those without fear of busting a seam will be a real coup; a shining moment. They greet me each morning and bid me good night before I snuggle under my comforter. Oh yeah, it's gonna happen. This may very well be the summer the Man-cub and I hit the water park and I'll actually be wearing a swimsuit, climb the stairs and hit the slide right behind him. Wooooooooosh

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