Friday, April 11, 2008

Michaels Johns -- exit interview American Idol 7

It's clear that I'm not fully over the shock of Michael Johns being oddly and suspiciously ousted too soon. Color me a conspiracy theorist on this one. Where's my evidence? I don't need no stinkin' evidence. He's too good to hit the bricks before the pathetic country crooneress Kristy Lee, and far more thrilling and exciting than the dull Brooke White. Regardless, my Roo won't be performing on Idol as a competitor. I just look at this as the faster pace to making his own music with greater control over what goes into his piece of work.
This interview will give anyone who hasn't had enough of Michael some morsels to aleviate the fixation ... just a little.
Part One:

Part Two


  1. It's made the news big time in Australia. He'll probably be offered a recording contract down under or a role on Neighbours!

    I've linked to your site on mine.

  2. Well, Roo claims he can't act. I'm unsure what type of show "Neighbours" is, though.

    I think this proves that teenybopper girls have greater dialing and texting tenacity than 42 year old single moms who appreciate the soulful sounds of a hot Aussie.

    Thanks for the link! You're too sweet.


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