Tuesday, April 8, 2008

American Idol 7 -- Inspirational turned perspirational

I really didn't come away from the performances this evening feeling inspired to do anything other than buy earplugs and drink more while watching Idol. I realize the kids were rushed due to pre-taping for the BIG IDOL GIVE. Oh wait! It's IDOL GIVES BACK. I was confusing it with Oprah's Big Give schtick.

Michael "ROO" Johns needs to stop with the ascots. It's my guess that he's been sneaking away with his chemically enhanced bleached blond wife and she's left her own version of ink on his neck. Chicks might not vote for him if they feel he's really gettin' it on with the wife. Bleah. Anyway, I was diggin' on his Aerosmith "Dream On" squealing. Of course, he was slightly drowned out by my own squealing.

Do I have recollection of other performances? Oh yeah, Jason Castro wasn't showstopping phenomenal, but I do love the Hawaiian Isles version of "Over the Rainbow." His low key persona is true to form. He didn't seem quite as stoned tonight as he has in the past. Nice performance, but he's not 700 pound Samoan with a ukelele.

Carly needs anger management if she wants to get closer to the top. The scowling is a no go on inspiration night. The tats are annoying. I keep looking at her arm and thinking she's got a severe bruise. Sleeves might be recommended from time to time by the show's stylists. Just sayin'.

David Cook who has been my front runner these last couple of weeks left me befuddled by one, his jacket. All that was missing was the sequins and one glove. His muddled delivery of the lyrics wasn't typical of him. I hope he's not trying to make like Daughtry and take an early exit. He's anxious to get his own record out there, but several weeks are still ahead of him. He's still safe.

The rest work boring or annoying and I don't have the attention span to bother with critiques. I don't have enough snark left in me. I'm just uninspired to do it.

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