Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Sexbomb -- Sir Tom says so

Today I was fortunate enough to be released early from the prison which I refer to as work. The weather is absolutely sublime. I can't tell you how delighted I was to hear the words, "Do you want to call it a day?" DO I!?!
The temperature is somewhere around 70-gorgeous degrees. For the Midwestern wicked winter we've had, that's a heat wave. And everybody was snatching up the opportunity it bask in it before the cold snap heading our way from the Northwest beats us up for a few more days. The wind was brisk, but I figure on a power walk that just adds a touch of resistance.
I got home around 1:15. Naturally, I felt compelled to check out my two favorite blogs before lacing up my sneakers and hitting the trail. Exciting news about Deborah "she'll cut you if you call her Debbie" Gibson is gracing the podcast studio of Stuck in the 80s tomorrow. I can just imagine the puddles of drool and sweat that'll stain the floor and memory of Ms. Gibson. Eesh. Once I put in my two cents for what questions Steve and Sean should ask the original pop princess, I jammed the iPod earbuds in my ears and off I went.
Without regard to the song that would start me on my blazing power walk, I clicked 'play'. The Black Eyed Peas helped me warm up with "Hey Momma!" Perfect! Love it! Then, Nelly Furtado gave warning about being a "Maneater." Once I was in the groove I switched gears to take on a more serious power walk with aerobic walk master Leslie Sansone. Nearly 3 miles later my buns and thighs were burning and I was feeling that rush I've heard people who exercise talk about. Cool!
I still had to walk back home. Doing so without a soundtrack just didn't suit me. So, I turned to the man I knew would validate the way I felt about my journey toward physical improvement. With my tummy tucked in and my shoulders pulled back, Tom Jones serenaded me with "Sexbomb." Yeah, momma had it goin' on.

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  1. I'm so glad to hear that you are all thawing out and making the most of it. Talking with other friends in the Chicago area, it seems like a tickertape parade is called for. Yay!


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