Sunday, April 6, 2008

Oh, Hush! -- The band to look out for

There is a mystery that shrouds the Tampa Bay, Florida based band, "Oh, Hush!" Only their close friends, family and manager knows what they look like, who they are, how old they are ... but their fans don't seem to let that get in the way of loving the one thing that is apparent: talent. They want to be recognized by their songs. Wow! What a concept, eh?
I received a myspace invite to check them out. Upon first click I fell in love. I may be one of their oldest fans. They take the time to personally answer as many emails and comments as they can. The primary myspace techie in the band claims over 200 personal responses a day. I give him/her kudos for taking the time to devote to fans.
If you're interested in viewing and listening to them, you can click the obvious link over the right. They have a humor about themselves that endeared them to me beyond the music. I look forward to the release of their upcoming cd.


  1. Yo, M ... you're Funyuns creationers were excellent! I laughed out loud at the "her dreams of funyuns" one .. you should've made sure to submit it!!

  2. I guess that should be "your" funyuns ... unless you are one? :-)

    forgive my grammar, I'm stoned to the gills on pain meds for this toothache and now I'm battling with dentists ... it's a nightmare.

  3. Chase! How nice to see you on my wee blog. I did submit both photos to Steve. I made sure to send Sean a copy of the one depicting SIT80s being sucked in to the vortex of his brain on a Funyuns bag.
    They like to ignore me from time to time ...

    Sorry to hear about your dental woes. It is a horrible thing to endure. You could always use a large rock and an ice skate.


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