Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day ... AT LAST!

I'm really quite relieved that Valentine's Day is finally here. My friend Shanna is delighted for the day after V-day as the candy is marked down tremendously. She's quite the little super saver gal. I don't blame her. Fannie May will probably mark things down quite a bit. I don't think I need anymore candy. I still have the eggnog creams in my freezer. I bought an entire tray (like 100 pieces) for a mere $4.98 after Christmas. Target will no doubt have their gift bags, rose wreaths, anything red marked down tremendously. Love the bargains!
I haven't had any calls from past men. I'm sort of grateful. That whole schtick gets tiring. I mean, how many times can I do the emotional hula per year?
I'm feeling a bewildering sense of neutrality on this eve of Valentine's Day. In one respect it's nice not havnig to worry about anyone other than myself and Man-cub. I did send out some myspace comments. On the other hand ... no, there is no other hand. I'm content. I think that's what I'm feeling, but I'm such a stranger to the concept, and that feels wrong.
I struggled earlier attempting to compile a list of anti-Valentine's Day songs from my favorite decade of the 80s. Aside from J. Geil's Band obvious choice Love Stinks, I was pained to think of tunes exemplifying love gone wrong. I managed to throw in a few good ones, but the bottom line is that my mind trailed off to songs that were upbeat. It wasn't an easy task, but I did myself proud with the help of yahoo search.
I'm sincerely wishing everyone who reads my quaint little blog a Happy Valentine's Day. I'm grateful that the next few holidays don't require the purchase of special cards, candies and flowers and gifts. Plus, finding songs to play for President's Day is a much more daunting duty than anti-love songs.


  1. Yahoooo!

    I'm sorry I've been neglecting my reading/commenting duties... but your blog is insightful and fun as ever. Thank you for all recent support... I have firmly decided that awesome women friends are like bras... and you, my dear, are the finest lace underwire imaginable!

    Happy (let's be done with it already!) VD.

  2. Well, thank you lady Lydia! I am so glad you've caught up.
    You're welcome, and I do agree that girly friends are like fine brasiers. Love the idea of being a lacey underwire lol


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