Monday, February 18, 2008

Amazon Alert!

Although I stand at 5'11" barefoot, I am not referring to myself in the title of this post. I've been called Amazon Woman countless times. For some reason, it never strikes me as flattering. It's like being told, "you're a big boned girl -- you carry your weight well." to which I think in reply, "Uh, thanks ... you realize you just told me I was fat in a backhanded way, right?" I've learned to live with it. is the culprit I refer to in the post title. I've never had any complaints about service with them. In fact, I find it all too easy to order on that site. It has everything I could conceivably ever desire. OK, not everything, but you get my drift, yes? I've been purchasing quite a few MP3s as a result of getting a digital download gift card with the purchase of my 8GB iPod Nano. I seriously needed someone to tell me what a GB was prior to buying. I'm going need a bigger one. That's what SHE said ::snort:: I love when I'm cheeky. Anywhoooo, going to Amazon to use my digital gift card is what started my boredom perusal extravaganza -- which often leads to sending items I've ogled straight to the shopping cart. The IRS was nice enough to give me a little money back this year. How nice, eh?

Sean Daly recently posted on his Pop Life Blog those soundtracks he feels are the best of the best from John Hughes films. He and Steve Spears will be recording a new Stuck in the 80s podcast relating to the recent birth of Daly's second daughter. She's Having A Baby tops his soundtrack picks just hedging out Some Kind of Wonderful. I've always loved anything John Hughes put out. He just had a knack of encapsulating the human spirit and nature. All the while, putting a humorous spin on it. He also manages to give us something that touches the heart. What typically happens when Sean gives his readers musical insight is that I end up spending money buying tracks or entire CD downloads. When I read Steve's blog I typically find myself rushing to Target to buy up movie DVDs.

I realized that my VHS of She's Having A Baby was left in Georgia with many other movies and CDs. I thought buying it on DVD would be no problem. There's an FYE in the mall where I work. However, much to my dismay, they didn't have it! The clerk offered to order it for me, but I stupidly told her it wouldn't be necessary. I did that under the assumption that Target or Blockbuster would have it in stock. WRONG! WRONG! WRONG!

This is where comes into play. I would just order it, log off and go about my business. Not so fast, Miss Riss! We have MORE to offer you. The 'bots tell me that 79% of the people who bought the DVD also bought the soundtrack. To sweeten the deal they offer a package value price if I buy both. So, I click the add to cart icon. I'm not taken to the point of purchase, though. I'm informed that 87% of the people who purchase She's Having a Baby DVD and CD also buy Valley Girl. Steve often mentions that movie and soundtrack. Sure! I'll take both -- click add to cart icon. Well, what do we have here? Yes, 72% of the people who bought Valley Girl also buy Fast Times at Ridgemont High. You can see where this is going -- Brokeville: Population: Marissa.

Then, I spy down in the righthand corner of my screen a photo of a lovely bra. It beckons to me. I'm always in pursuit of a bra that will suit my boobalas perfectly. Must. View. Bra. No surprise, but the bra of the day doesn't come close to the size I require. Out of curosity I type in the size that I assume I will need based on the fact that the last one I purchased from JCP online didn't quite make the grade. In other words, Thelma and Louise were left a little cramped. I did find bras in my assumed size and clicked away at 'add to cart.' Then, I clicked proceed to checkout. Something had to go. But what?! I wailed like Veruca Salt at not being able to have it all. I WANT IT ALLLLLL!!!!! Sorry, chica ... you're Marissa, not Miss Veruca. Put something back. So, I did. I need the bras, but merely want the DVDs and CDs. I hate having self control. I hate it, but Thelma and Louise need comfort along with my shoulders and back.

Since the Man-Cub and I are venturing out to shop, I will look for She's Having a Baby on DVD at Best-Buy. So what! My self control isn't all it's chalked up to be afterall.


  1. I hear you, Miss Riss, about the siren's call of Amazon. com. They make it too damn easy to end up with a shopping cart of stuff you want but don't need.

    I did, however, order She's Having a Baby (and the soundtrack, because I am a sucker) from them and it arrived today. I'm planning on watching tonight. Hopefully.

    So much for self-control, eh.

  2. ACK! I'm so bummed that Best Buy didn't have SHAB. Grrr. I guess is going to see me again very soon.

  3. Liked the post, but puzzled over the mention of Mike's height, etc. Seemed like a non sequitur in the stream of thought.

    As for SHE'S HAVING A BABY, I love that movie, though it gets off track a couple of times. (Daniel Baldwin stuff seems out of nowhere though nicely dramatic.)

    How amazing is the use of Kate Bush in the hospital scene, huh???

  4. You're right about the mention of Mike's height. I think I had intended on going somewhere with it, but was writing in haste. It's been removed ... chalk it up to my random thought process.

    LOVE the Kate Bush song. It does suit the mood and momentum of the movie at that point.

    I ended up having SHAB ordered since I wasn't able to find it in stock. It never fails that when I want something specific, I can't find it. Rissa's Law.

  5. I'm bummed that you couldn't find SHAB in person today -- I was gonna suggest that we could watch it "together" and chat while viewing. Drat.

  6. Oh! That would have been ideal, Jane. I asked for express delivery of SHAB. Maybe it'll get here in time for the podcast unveiling.

    Oh, I must mention that I looked for "Chariots of Fire." Best Buy didn't have that! It's a conspiracy, I tell you.


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