Thursday, July 31, 2008

Thirsty Thursday

Actually, this photo was taken the night of my class reunion. To celebrate our youth and lack of responsibility to drink whilst underage, the food table adorned with none other than three bottles of Boone's Farm Wine: Kool-aid with a slight buzz attached.
Naturally, your's truly had to pose with a bottle. The Strawberry Hill flavor had mysteriously vanished. So, here I am with watermelon flavor. I think it's somewhat fitting considering the model.


  1. So, what you're saying is that there IS and upside to living in K3 again?

  2. Er -- "...IS an upside..."

    Nothing spoils a joke like a typo.

  3. Do you know me? I have to deal with bloggers, silly men in laundromats, and irresistable beauty. That's why I carry one of these!

  4. Rick, I have learned to find an upside to everything and everywhere I go... sometimes I feel upside down, but ... well, you know.

    Mike F. TOO FUNNY! I think that bottle could do some serious damage as weaponry.

  5. Boone's'int! I just had a flashback and it's still funny today.

  6. I don't ever really recall drinking Boone's Farm. I do know I sipped on T.J. Swann, though. All of it's relatively the same thing. ACK!


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