Sunday, July 13, 2008

Saturday in the Park

Today's forecast: Brilliant. Extremely perfect. Nary a cloud in the blue sky. The temperature; ideal. Breezy, but far from windy. I couldn't have selected better weather that exemplifies my mental state.
Yesterday evening, Running Man and I managed to get together for a couple of hours. It wasn't formal or pretentious. We met at a local park that is situated along the Kankakee River. It's the place where I spent many days as a child. Numerous things have changed since I took to the swings like soaring bird, but one thing has remained: Sunsets are glorious along the river.
All the homes with their unique architecture are new to Running Man. He's fascinated with the very things I saw as a little girl. I shared stories about walking to the park and finding new friends and being occupied with the limitless activities offered to kids on summer break. That was then. Now, the homes are hit or miss with care. Yet, with new eyes he manages to see what's beneath the peeling paint and cracked lead glass windows. He sees the beauty and magnificence within the structures regardless of the current condition. With that, I realized what might have very well made him speak to me that fateful day in the laundromat.
I'm writing with hesitance to overly gush about the new person in my life. It's too soon to tell which direction it might take. Today is all I know and count on. I'm keeping my feet firmly planted on the ground while letting my head float in the clouds. I'm deserving of this.
For a time, I felt safe and protected as we walked along the familiar roads of my youth. Yet, somehow as my footsteps kept in time with his, those old roads were brand new.
Every once in awhile I manage to let someone chip away the mortar on the bricks of this fortress I've built around myself. Last night, I dropped the draw bridge and welcomed a visitor ... but the armor is still in tact.


  1. I'm enjoying this "series." I hope it turns into a real-life fairy tale.


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