Saturday, July 19, 2008

Saturday Snapshot

This is Royal Street in the Rain. Location: New Orleans.
It's raining in Kankakee, Illinois. For some reason I am not upset by the lack of sunshine. I suppose it could be due to having to work. Rain drives the customers to the mall; customers who are willing to extend their financial limits in order to find refuge from rainy weather's blues.
Upon viewing this photo I don't feel the blues. Even though the photographer probably heard such music being played somewhere on this narrow street.
The bikes parked along the sidewalk reminds me of the numerous times my friends and I found ourselves caught in the rain. As kids, we'd stop, drop the two wheelers and seek shelter on someone's porch. It didn't seem to matter if we knew the residents or not. We'd wait for a break in the weather and commence to our childhood lallygagging ... finding the biggest puddle to ferociously peddle through.
Nope. Summertime rain isn't pestering me today. I wish I had my blue and white bike with the banana seat. I'd go find a puddle.


  1. Love the rain, love black & white photography, love New Orleans. Great shot, great post.

  2. That is a great shot. I'm also one for B&W photography, when done right.

    You're lucky with getting rain. We've had a LOT of heat and sun lately. Rumor has it, we may be getting some tonight. I too may go find a puddle.


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