Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Ground control to Miss Riss

"Re-entry into earth's atmosphere is complete ... welcome back to reality"
In case you're wondering, that's what the voices in my head told me this morning. I'm back from outer space. My head has become one with my body and is no longer out in the stratosphere of googily eyes and puppy dog's wagging tail.
Regardless of all the flattery and warm fuzzy feelings meeting Running Man brought me, I know that I can't stay in that 'head in the clouds' mental state. I am a realist. I can't let myself get too wrapped up in the romance of being wooed. It sucks to be me, but that's how I roll.
We had a lot of walking and talking at our disposal over the past weekend. It was fantastic. I felt a protection and comfort that is strange to me. And because that overwhelming feeling of just letting go came over me, I needed a serious sit-down-firm-get-a-grip talk with myself. As I lie in my bed awake last night these words flew from my mouth:
SNAP OUT OF IT! And so I did.
[image borrowed from macgirlpg on flickr]


  1. Hmmmmmmmm ......

    *steps on podium*

    Rupe thinks MissRiss is a level-headed thinker that sometimes gets lost in the clouds.

    And there taint a single thing wrong with that, s'long as MR keeps her feet on the ground.

    Good Gordness, woman! Life is worth losing yourself over every once in a while. Else: What's the point? It's the "To sleep, perchance to dream" mode of thinking that keeps us sane oft times. Living in reality ... e v e r y ... s i n g l e ... f r e a k i n ' ... d a y ... wears on a person. There must be an escape, albeit a temporary one.

    Losing yourself often - and with conviction - clears the head, is the Mother Of Invention (despite what "they" say) and the Keeper Of The Flame! Just do it.

    But .... do it with your feet on the ground.

    Now: Go live. With your head in the clouds confidently.

    And with some ice cream, frag-dabbit .....

    .................................... Ruprecht

    *steps off podium*

  2. I get what you're preaching, Rupe. I do. I also know that if I let my head float to high I lose the ability to think at all and ignore things I ought not be ignorin', ya know? Like, red flags. Even if they are just little toddler sized parade waving flags, I gotta pay attention.
    Thanks for taking time to step up on yer podium for me, though!

  3. The good thing, Wildhair, is that life doesn't have to be an either/or proposition. It is possible to exactly as Ruprecht states, allow your head to soar into the clouds while keeping feet firmly rooted.

    I am willing to bet that you can remember times in your life when you have been "burned" by allowing yourself to get lost in the moment. BUT, I am just as easily willing to be that if you think of the best moments in your life, you would see that they happened when you allowed your heart to soar.

    To make a short story even longer, the point here is that you take calculated risks every day. If you didn't, you would never leave the house.

    But, I really don't think you needed me to tell you anything.

    Whatever the case, I wish you the best.


  4. Is this the cutebutt guy? If so, yaaaay cutebutt guy!!! Enjoy the feeling hun! It's a wonderful one to have!

  5. Oh, yeah, Rupe said "taint"


  6. lol Rupe did say 'taint'

    I have to say it's quite refreshing to receive encouragement to let my head be in the clouds for a bit. I have lead weights on my ankles. I'm fairly certain those will keep me grounded.


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