Saturday, July 5, 2008

Get me a Bucket!

It shouldn't surprise anyone reading this (who knows me) that I am not a hoity toity, high falutin' lady. I'm a kooky chick who prefers to put away all the pretense and let it all hang out. I keep Thelma and Louise tightly nestled, mind you. It's not that sort of hanging out I'm discussing here. If something of high grade quality is offered to me, I'll take it (if I desire the item), but otherwise, I am pretty easy to please.

Yesterday was the Fourth of July. To anyone not living in the United States that's just the day situated between July 3rd and 5th. For Americans it's license to get loose, wild and free ... and potentially lose phalanges, an eye, ability to drive, etc... It seems that for every holiday in this beloved country of mine we are revelers who need to eat, drink and be merry ... and blow shit up and react with oohs and ahs. It's the American way! And I'm no different.

I had to work on Independence Day which kind of chapped my hide because I actually had something to do this year. In past years the Man-cub and I would sit around and wait for dusk. Then, we'd jump in the car in search of errant aerial displays somewhere in the distance. I'd park. We'd watch with little excitement. Then, if we happened to be parked in a crowded area we'd wait. And wait. And wait for traffic to clear.

So, this year was different as my sister Maureen invited us over for a cook out and general merriment. I'm down with that! Man-cub would hang out with them until my shift ended. Then, I'd make tracks to make one with fun.

In order to make getting Man-cub to sis's house a bit easier, I took him to work with me. All I can say is thank God for Nintendo DS. I knew I wouldn't encounter any issues with the boss-lady since Man-cub wouldn't be there for long ... or so we thought. While waiting I asked if he might get an eye exam. Oddly, we were booked for the morning and I was expecting the boy to be picked up around Noon.

Needless to say, time seemed to stand still for the boy who was waiting. Eventually, I made contact with sis and she was moving slowly. Hell, why not? It was a holiday, after all. A day when most of the world is allowed to move at a sloth's pace. In her place, my nephew would step up and serve as chauffeur. Shortly after I made the alternate arrangements, I was told a spot had opened up and Man-cub could get his peepers checked. Groovy!

Nephew got there a lot faster than I figured he would. But he patiently awaited while the doctor took a look-see at the big, beautiful brown eyes of my incredibly amiable 13 year old. Once that task was accomplished, they hit the road and I quickly became bored out of my mind. Did I mention a sloth's pace earlier? Yes. Well, that's exactly how quickly the time was passing.

I sent my co-lab partner home early. The general manager decided to go on a shopping trip 'since we're dead.' Great! As a store key holder and supervisor, that means I'd have to sit and wait for her to return before I could depart. I won't go on about how ridiculous the logic is regarding this manner. I was getting paid. I ought not gripe. However, I wanted to get the party started! I would wait for 1.5 hours for the GM to return. I had already changed clothes to a more BBQ worthy outfit. Denim capris, white t-shirt and flip flops. Hell to the yeah! I was ready. Far from professional, but with a GM who leaves for 1.5 hours to buy nuts for her party, who's going to scold me?

At 5:05 p.m. when she returned, I had my hand on the mouse ready to clock out. WRONG! GM decided to hold me hostage with her woes about her mean sister, a security guard in his birthday suit, and hot pink toenails. There are times I wish I had the ability to shut people up with the flick of a wrist. Sometimes, I wish I lacked all sense of decorum to look in her face and say, "would you pleeeeeeeeeease just shut. up." But I don't. So I suffer.

At 5:20 p.m. I clocked out. Twenty minutes of pay to listen to her drone on about what a poopy sister she has while I have a really groovy sister who is awaiting my arrival. Not really. The festivities weren't held up on my account, but my sister is truly great and I was getting hungry.

The boys were in the backyard lighting things that go boom, bang, crackle. I don't understand the thrill of inflicting pain on my ears. We had to keep telling them to slow down or they'd have nothing to blow up once the sun went down. Sis informed me that Man-cub had no interest in such shenanegans. He said told the boys something like, "I don't want to lose my hearing. Don't come crying to me when you can't hear anymore. Can you please make them stop?" He'd later eat those words.

Much to my delight, my sister had bought a bucket o' margaritas. This is where my declaration of not being hoity toity comes in to play. Margaritas are my favorite adult beverage. I'm not particular about much other than the quality of tequila. Mind you, we aren't inclined to buy Patron or some other high end brand. My budget says Jose Cuervo. Availability of anything higher grade isn't common in these parts. So, Jose Cuervo Margaritas from a bucket it was.! YEEHAW!

I had bought, as a gift, 4 plastic, bright green margarita glasses for Maureen. Sort of a house warming gift. That particular color of green is her color. The rims of the glasses are wider than the margarita salt container. We improvised with a bigger bowl. I also found that fruit wiped around the rim makes for better salt holdin'-on than plain water. I like margaritas on the rocks with plenty of salt. WOO DAWGY! Thems were some goooooood 'ritas.

So, there we were with our plastic, bright green, highly salted margaritas ... poured from a spout out of a bucket. Life. Is. Great!

We didn't venture out beyond the back yard in our *ahem* condition. The kids blew up fireworks without losing any limbs or eyes. No fires were started. No major incident to be had ... other than the chilly night air. Even Man-cub joined in the dare devil thrills of lighting mortar balls, Roman candles and other things that explode. He was loving every minute of it. I was thrilled to watch the kids, but especially my own, have a rip roarin' 4th of July blast.
Due to my over consumption of the good stuff from the bucket, I felt it wise to chill at Casa Sis. Even if I hadn't over indulged I would have stayed. Too many loo-loos out on the roads. It felt great to just hang out feeling very much at home.
The early morning sun peered through the window and I took my cue to leave so I could ready up for the work day. Man-cub still soundly asleep remained. Off I went in the dewy morning ... stopping by McD's for a morning after drinking chicken biscuit. Mmmmm.
2008 Independence Day: A good time was had by all. No hang over. I worked early, but with each yawn I was reminded what a fantabulous Fourth of July I spent with Man-cub, family and friends ... and Jose.

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  1. Good times, good times. I had a nice 4th too, even though there was no booze. Is it ok to be depressed that we don't get any holiday now until September yet?


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