Monday, July 7, 2008

Monday's Melody

I have a ton of things to write about, but little time or motivation ... for now. I'm certain I'll get my blogging mojo back. I want to tell you about the boy I met at the laundro-mat. This sort of thing happens to other chicks. Not Me! And he isn't ugly or old or lacking in verbal skills.
My friend Lydia posted random photos on her blog and one in particular inspired me. I proclaimed that I could write an entire short story on that one image. She has challenged me to do so and post it right here. Who doesn't love a challenge. Especially one that gets the creative juices flowing.
I need to put a toothbrush over my teeth, a comb through my hair and anti-perspirant under my pits. So, I leave you with this song that is my theme song. In fact, I insist it's played at my funeral (when that day arrives).


  1. I love you more the more I read and/or listen to your blog. You are a wonderful person!

    You're terrific!

  2. Rick, I love you, too.

    When that day comes I want lots of laughter and plenty of dancing in celebration of living. There'll be more than enough time for tears.


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