Friday, July 25, 2008

Freaky Friday

This weekend is the 25th Reunion of the Eastridge High School Class of '83. I can't believe so many years have passed; yet, I look so young! I don't feel a day over 29. Well, on most days I consider myself youthful.
Those assembling for the celebration will be a small number. I blame the rough economy for the low attendance. I wasn't able to attend the 20th year reunion, but it was a bigger shin-dig. I'm certain there will be faces I will be happy to see again. I was a brunette back then. I wonder if they'll recognize me?
My days in high school were spent singing and dancing in our show choir and performing in musicals. Those friends I acquired then are still my friends today. I'm looking forward to reminiscing, singing, dancing, drinking (a little) and spending much needed adult time with familiar personalities.
Today, the video posted reminded of the joy and carefree nature I felt back then. In spite of the turmoil my family life endured, my friends, musicals and show choir saved me from a demise unfitting for a teen-ager.
We'd dance at parties or during time slotted for rehearsals. Music always blared from a stereo or boom box. It was then we danced THE CHARLIE BROWN. You know the move I'm talking about. When you view the video below you'll get up and dance along. You're sure to get a fit of the giggles as I did. Thanks to Cajunvegan for sharing this on plurk.


  1. Promise me that you will "shake it like a Polaroid picture." This post made me smile, and I needed that today more than you know. My 20th is in 2009, and I have a lot of non-eating and exercising to do before then. I cannot have anyone thinking I am less than effing fabulous.

  2. My 25th anniversary is this year too...but the reunion didn't happen. Just on Facebook, and nobody recognized anybody, so it sorta fizzled....


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