Saturday, July 12, 2008


This is a new spot on the 'Net where you can get a fix. What makes it so incredibly unique is that it's all in the family. My family, to be more precise. I'm one of 10 children. Our father enjoyed writing and did so with great verve. He had many opinions and had no issue with putting pen to paper and sharing them. My sister Mary felt we all have a bit of that writing bug (who would have guessed?) So, she took it upon herself to bring us all together under one roof.
My particular specialty on the menu is called, "Marissa's Tantalizing Tray of Tarts" -- quite fitting, no? There, I'll share many of the views and insights you see here including pop culture ala mode! -- Retro Refreshments, if you will.
Our family diner is new and we're getting our feel for the surroundings. Like any new establishment, it relies on the input of its patrons. Like what you see? Make sure you come back again and bring plenty of friends. Think something is missing in the recipe? Give us a shout! There's a guest book/suggestion box and we welcome your thoughts.
As the patronage grows, so will our menu.
Thanks for dropping by!

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  1. Bon Jovi played a massive show in Central Park...I give up...
    This awful awful juggernaut cannot be stopped...


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