Thursday, November 4, 2010

What Dreams May Come

The other night I awoke from a dream.  It wasn't like any other dream that disturbed my slumber.  Awaking wasn't due to something shocking or upsetting.  However, it was rather curious.  For the past couple of days I've been thinking about it.  Seeking consult from websites that give hidden meaning to the symbols in dreams left me with few answers.  That is why I'm writing about it.  I'm hoping someone reading this will give me some insight.

It's not uncommon for a parent to dream of protecting her child.  In my dream, Mancub is in tow at his current age and size.  I'm leading him as we venture through snowy terrain -- a mountain.  Along this journey we encounter treacherous caverns that are wide, but we will never make our destination (unknown at this time) if we don't leap over them.  The one in particular that I remember was daunting.  I look down and see nothing but darkness.  But my stride is long and I make it across.  Once on the other side, I tell Mancub that he can do it and not to be afraid.  "Look at me and jump to me!"  He does and clears the crevice and high fives me.

It dawns on me at some point that I was foolish to leave where we began.  I feel overwhelmed with panic and express it to Mancub that we should have stayed where we were.  "If we hadn't left then they'd be able to find us."  Rather than turn back and attempt to leap over the giant separation in the mountain, we forge ahead.  That's when we come to a place that is not snowy but draped in warm browns and greens.  Mancub is cold from our trek and I make a large bed for him covered in soft comforters and countless pillows.  It is when I was tucking him in that I awoke.

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  1. Enjoy your journey ♥♥♥ Continue to be a strong, amazing woman for your self and your son ! You CAN do it ! You ARE doing it !


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