Monday, November 8, 2010

Inside out

This is it!

Once again this girl is on her way to improved health and fitness!! Aren't you just thrilled for me? I could use some back up to hold me accountable through the holidays.  The tab labeled "join my team" is calling out to you.

Anyway, back in the swing of things with my workouts. On Team Beachbody there's a schedule for the workout program that I am using --  TURBO FIRE.  When I log into the WOWY Supergym, it tells me which dvd to use.  The rest is up to me.  Plus, each time I log into WOWY I'm entered for a chance to win cash or prizes.  No longer am I doggin' it and taking the easy way out.  My mind tells me I can jump and tuck so my feet and legs do it. Kind of. I mean, I'm not four feet off the ground with my knees under my chin, but I DO leave the ground.

Today is the renewal of eating well.  That is harder than a marathon series of sumo burpees.  Focus is my champion right now.  To further motivate me I'm turning to the two weddings happening in my family next year.  I'll need a dress.  Not just any dress but a traffic stopping number. No, I'm not going to take any attention from either bride.  Sheesh! What I did yesterday was search online for my fantasy dress.  Will I buy it? Highly unlikely but the printed photo has taken an in-my-face spot on the refrigerator door.  Much like a fantasy man, the fantasy dress will likely be a poor fit and totally unsuitable. The point of it is to inspire me to steer clear from unhealthy habits.

Launching into life with a new attitude has been necessary yet it was being avoided for plethora of excuses.  Let's just say I'm having to overcome some major mind blockades.  The past is unrepairable. Therefore, I am forging ahead and making myself learn from it, but not live in it.  Oh, it hurts like hell to let go of replaying the idealistic sentimental phrases whispered in my ear once upon a time.  Time and focus on someone who deserves the effort is going to get me through it.  That someone else is me, by the way.

The first step had to begin at the top. In my efforts to feel good I made a major change.  What a dramatic way to express my new attitude, eh?

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  1. Your hair looks amazing! I love the sassy curls :)

    New attitudes are a good thing -- and fantasy dresses are even better.


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