Sunday, November 14, 2010

"Face it, lady, we're younger and faster! "

Ladies, let's face it! Being a woman is difficult in the realm of ... well, nearly everything when compared to men. That's particularly true when it comes to losing weight.  Difficulty goes up when you're a female over 40. Now I'm over 45 (just turned in August) and I read articles about the collection of belly blubber thanks to my ever decreasing estrogen levels.  Seriously, hormones can just suck it!! Hey, at least my libido is decreasing, right? With no applicable suitors hot on my tail, I guess that's a perk.

Another downside of trying to lose a lot of weight at my age is that ye olde metabolism is ridiculously slow. Imagine Barney Fife trying to push a stalled Amtrak uphill while wearing stilettos. In the snow. Yes, it's laughable!

Working out is my best defense partnered with eating right. It's ever apparent that, unlike my early to mid twenties, that doing 45 minutes of high impact aerobics four times a week and eating 'as usual' will not get rid of the gushy-mushy-tushy.  In order to drop the squishiness that is my thickened torso is to eat low-fat, low calorie, high fiber foods AND workout 5-6 days a week for 30 minutes or more.

Helen Mirren: Hope for women of a certain age
One day I will post a video of me working out.  Put on your Depends because it is guaranteed to make you shit yourself with laughter.


  1. I soooooooooooo feel your pain!!
    Laughed my butt off about the decreasing libido...I am THERE girlfriend! Just talk to my poor husband!

    You are lucky! I am 55...I joined Weight Watchers on Oct 2nd and have lost nearly 13 lbs so far (slow and steady!). I also was not working out...but.......(and I do have a formidable butt!! lol) I DID go on the treadmill today for 30 minutes (but only at a speed at 1.5....hey I don't want to die yet!!)

    Loved this post! I can sooooooo relate!

  2. Caren, I'm so glad you 'get it.'
    I do not like working out. I dread it until I finish and then I feel so accomplished. I pretend I'm a sexy vixen when I work out. I look more like a Clydesdale clomping around the living room.

  3. Marissa I love your sense of humor! "A Clydesdale clomping around the living room!!" OMG you are hilarious!
    If you are a Clydesdale then I am Simba The Elephant lol

  4. When I go low carb, eventhing just seems to melt away. However, I'm jazzericising about 4 times a week, and that's really starting to tone. Metabolism is my worst enemy, too. However, my body explodes with carbs so I have to be careful. Best of luck!

    Stopping by from SITS:) Have a great day!


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