Sunday, November 21, 2010

One ringy-dingy

Here I am noshing on a Honeycrisp apple. If you've never eaten one then you're truly missing out on one of nature's most delightful snacks. But that is not what this post is about.  Nope. I just wanted to explain the reason my keyboard is sticky -- an excuse for my typos, by the way.

I worked all day and it wasn't until around 4:30 that I was struck with a serious case of the yawns.  My sleepiness can be blamed on staying up later than my usual 10:30 PM bedtime.  I know! Outrageous party animal am I!  It was around 12:30 AM when my phone was going dead for the second time. Obviously the cosmic gods were telling me to go to bed. You see, Saturday night brought some serious catch up with the best friend I've never met.  My house phone battery went belly up -- yes, I'm a weirdo with a land line. Immediately after that I grabbed my cell which had been charging.  I knew my Blondie gal in Cali and I had babbled and laughed for a few hours.  It wasn't until this evening that, out of curiosity, I checked the call log to see what time she originally gave me a jingle.  The digital read out let me know the exact time of 6:20 PM.  Please note above the time that I remarked when we finally hung up.  Damn! I imagine how long that call would have taken if we were textaholic teens.SIX HOUR PHONE CALL! It was just what the doctor ordered.  One more reminder that it is not necessary for me to lead a total solitary life.

In the course of that phone call I drank a bottle of wine that had taken up residence on my kitchen counter since April 2010.  Without being able to fully explain why, it was the most therapeutic bottle of wine ever to pass over my lips.  Shot to hell was my diet for the day, but what a cathartic sense of relief for it to no longer be a reminder of a 'once upon a time' that will never be.  Even though my phone-in-friend couldn't toast with me, she was along for the ride.  I let her know the story behind the Cabernet sauvignon.  Normally I avoid red wines as they always leave me feeling like crap the next day. Clearly the forces of good karma were with me as I didn't suffer a hangover. 

I'm really not sure where else to go with this post.  Typically there's an attempt to connect the introduction to the final sentence.  This time not so much. I hope you enjoyed the middle. Consider it like eating an Oreo sans cookie portion.


  1. "consider it like eating an Oreo sans cookie portion" it!

    My husband's favorite apple is a Honey Crisp...we are weirdos who still have a landline....and the hell with your had some great wine and a wonderful phone call and life is good!

  2. haha Thanks again, Caren. Some times emotions need a little indulgence! wine and friendship


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