Wednesday, November 24, 2010

My Rissy senses are tingling!

Normally, I just read my horoscopes and get a chuckle.  But the past couple have given me exactly what I need to hear.  Quite honestly, deep down I am just a hippie chick who believes the cosmos-really-knows-me-best and delivers it if I keep my eyes open and my mind even opener. Just go with me on this and my mutilation of grammar.

(Jul 23 - Aug 22)

Your day can be mixed with contradictions because you may intuitively sense that you're on the edge of something big ... and although it's exciting to think that there are no limits to your far-reaching ideas now, you might have to face an unexpected obstacle. A seemingly insignificant social event can set you in a direction that is very advantageous to your career. Combining business with pleasure isn't always a wise idea, but today it may be just what the doctor ordered for your success.


  1. LOVE these LEO Horoscopes !!! ... EXCITING things on the horizon for us!

    -----> Wishing you & Mancub a DELICIOUS Thanksgiving & a WONDERFUL Christmas season!

  2. Cat!! I've missed you. I hope you and yours are doing fantastically. Finally my horoscope makes sense. "The universe is opening up to me because I'm finally being open to it" -- original quote by me but feel free to use it. Just credit me haha


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