Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Welcome to the gun show!

The other day I was kind of bragging about the definition I'm seeing in my arms after only a month of doing Tony Horton's In Home Boot Camp -- Power 90.  I feel that I must explain that prior to embarking on this program, I was a 5'10" mobile goo farm. We're talking muscle tone equal to a sea cucumber, you dig?  Many of the changes in my body are probably only noticeable to me. Sure, my clothes are draping more nicely. My sister Mary says my gait has improved, too. The work outs are having an effect on my posture. It goes without saying that my confidence is improving along with everything else. Plus, if I hold my head up high there's less chance of my neck appearing like Jabba the Hutt's.

As for the photo, I have no idea where that bruise came from. I'm one of those people who'll try to carry a lot and then resort to using an elbow or forearm to close a door, drawer or trunk lid. The fattier areas bruise more easily.Yes, there's dangling goo on my lower arm, but with diet and dips (the physical kind), those will soon be gone.

I cracked my son up the other night when I took him to the 'gun show.' I'd received a long awaited sports bra from When I arrived home from work and settled in, I tried it on in the bathroom.  The shirt I'd slipped on over it was sleeveless. So, when I reached back to adjust the straps while looking in the mirror, I noticed a slight dip and rounding of my shoulder. Blinking in disbelief, I contorted in various was to expose other strange, newly acquired features of my arms.  Thrilled, I dashed from the bathroom to show Mancub my discovery.  He was equally jazzed and gave me a high five!  I'm so glad he didn't roll his eyes and tell me what a weirdo he thinks I am.


  1. You look fabulous! Congratulations! It's lovely to see all that hard work pay off!


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