Friday, April 16, 2010

Twenty five startling facts about me

My friend Angie posted this as a note on Facebook.  Since it seems I'm writerly challenged lately -- unless it has to do with weight loss -- this seemed perfect.  This is also major league challenging since I don't really find myself all that fascinating.

For what it's worth, I am starting this at 7:26 PM.  Let's see how long it takes me to come up with twenty five random facts about myself that aren't too crass, intimate or simply audacious (hehe yeah, like that scares me.)

1.  The smell of hot dogs (corn coated or plain) induced horrendous gag reactions during my pregnancy. But I loved Nacho Cheese Doritos and craved beer during the entire nine months. I succumbed to one of those cravings. ** I do not like beer on any other given day.

2. Even though my (ex) husband and I took Lamaze classes, neither of us managed to remember a lick of it. Because I suspected this would happen, I invited my sister Maureen to be in the labor and delivery room.  Thank GOD she was there because Dipshit was useless.

3.  My edamame shaped birthmark is a very faint one about five inches northeast of my navel. It was darker when I was a kid and I was embarrassed to wear two-piece swimsuits as a result.

4.  My parents' slackness regarding vaccinations prevented me from getting one of those unsightly scars on my upper left arm like most people my age and older have.

5.  I still have a wicked crush on the boy who took me to prom in high school.

6.  Monday, April 12, 2010 marks the first time I successfully used chopsticks.  I had a very excellent, patient teacher.

7.  As much as I attempt to be cool regarding my music interests, pop music is a not-so-guilty pleasure.

8.  When the soundtrack for "Grease" is on, I sing every. single. song ... even the ones that you only hear in the background or on the jukebox.

9.  When one of my favorite songs is playing at work, I will pretend I can't hear anyone talking to me just so I can keep singing along.  If they insist on interrupting me, I will restart the song.

10.  I did not watch the premiere episode of GLEE Tuesday night -- I still haven't seen it. I was distracted by the knock of a handsome man bearing gifts and an invitation for dinner.

11.  My son and I are paranormal program junkies.  He got me hooked and says he started watching them (alone) to overcome his fear of such things.

12.  On the ball of my left foot, there is a large v-shaped scar which is a result of ripping it open on a nail sticking up on our neighbor's second story porch when I was around 10 years old.  Seven stitches were required. I still loathe wearing shoes in summer.

13.  None of the furnishings in my house were purchased by me. Everything, even the televisions and computer, was handed down and I have no issues with that whatsoever.

14. I haven't read a book since Christmas 2009.

15. In 7th grade, I was a pom-pom girl. I didn't make it my 8th grade year because I slacked off and only went to 3 of the 5 audition practices.  My ego learned a valuable lesson that year.

16. At the age of 19 I found a lump in my left breast.  On the day of the needle biopsy, I went alone rather than worry my dad.  Needless to say, he was upset.  The result: Benign.

17. August, 1984, I set out with my friend Tom to drive from Kankakee, IL to San Diego, CA.  I'm still shocked we were allowed to do it.

18.  Apricot preserves and brie grilled on pumpernickel or dark rye bread is a decadent treat for me.

19.  Because I stopped eating fast food, drinking soda and purchasing convenience food, I save over $200.00 a month. It's like an instant pay increase.  For what it's worth, I do not crave those things any more.

20.  I don't like being photographed from the right side, but some how that always seems to be the side random photos of me are taken.

21.  Finishing this is an incredible struggle.  It's 8:28 PM central time.  I'm stuck.

22.  I'm so accustomed to having my boobs smashed into bras that don't fit, that I feel like Thelma and Louise are swimming in the bra that does fit. (Thank you

23.  I watch Nickelodeon's "iCarly" even when my son isn't viewing it (Conversely, I threaten to smash the TV in if "Suite Life of Zach and Cody" or "Wizards of Waverly Place" is on Disney.)

24.  "Never My Love" is currently one of my favorite songs even though it's a bajillion years old.

25.  I watched every episode of "Shear Genius" on Bravo this season.

It's now 9:01 PM.  Cripes! People have written chapters for novels in less time. Eesh!


  1. We need to fix #14! One of the parts of the Beachbody Game Plan is 10 pages a day of self improvement reading material and/or 5 minutes of audio! Get that reading in! First book, The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson!

    Either buy it, or I will buy it for you! It's that crucial! :)

  2. No, no, no. Read instead Bill Bryson's "Notes From A Big Country" for a dose of laughter. Laughter is healthy, John. That's self-improvement of a different kind.

  3. Well, maybe I can have BOTH books :) -- I need something to read while I bask in the sunlight in my groovy new reclining deck chair.

  4. I LOOOVE #10 !!!

    Handsome man bearing gifts & an invitation for dinner.

    Happy Sunday! :-)

  5. I LOVE these! SO glad you did this. I also do not have a vaccination scar. I watch iCarly too -- that is such a smart and funny show. I feel like I know you a little better now and I like that :)


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