Thursday, April 8, 2010

All things PMSy

It's a horrible fact and fate in my life.  I suffer (and thusly make others suffer) from PMS or whatever trendy name you want to give it.  That is until about six weeks ago.  I'm not making claims that the symptoms have completely vanished, but drinking Shakeology daily, eating well and exercising nearly every day has made my emotional outbursts, cramps, headaches and upper back tension diminish.  Additionally, my inability to stop shoving food in my pie hole during that time has greatly dwindled.  Cravings for high sodium junk food are a thing of the past.


Obviously, this isn't some revelation or discovery that I've stumbled upon.  The theory has existed for a long time that if you consume healthy food and exercise regularly, your body will respond positively. 


When morning breaks, I have a sense of dread. I won't lie to you.  The mere idea of working out makes me want to pull the covers up over my head and sleep for another hour or four.  Yet, that little voice of satisfaction yanks me from the 600 thread count bedding, throws me in work out clothes and puts in the Power 90 dvd.  Within 40 minutes I'm a new woman ... or one step closer to looking like a new woman.  But what's most important is how I feel inside.  Sweating my tushy off is the best medicine for what ails me.

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