Saturday, April 3, 2010

This I know: The first day of vacation edition

Today I did little to nothing. It's my first day of that much awaited vacation. 

I lost 2 more pounds. Huzzah!

A bottle of Pinot Grigio is even sweeter when shared with a good friend. (No, it's not on Michi's Ladder but some exceptions are permitted in the Rule Book of Riss.)

Tulips are more lovely and fragrant when delivered with sincerity.

Sleeping in while the rain gently hits the rooftop is not to be taken for granted but wildly enjoyed.  The cats were silent and obliging which made the extra snooze time that much more gratifying.

Saving sweet voice mail messages is highly recommended.

A new bra was delivered and I think it is the one. Daily wear trials will put the final stamp of approval on the simple contraption of support.

I cannot recall a time in my recent adult life where I felt more relaxed and at ease within my own skin.

A gap of decades can be closed with just a smile and an embrace.


  1. Paragraph 1: Deserved.
    Paragraph 2: Bush photo.
    Paragraph 3: Pino Headache-O. No.
    Paragraph 4: Agrees.
    Paragraph 5: ... freakin' naps ...
    Paragraph 6: Meh.
    Paragraph 7: .....
    Paragraph 8: Deserved, once more.
    Paragraph 9: Interesting ... isn't it?

  2. HA! It took me a second, but now I understand "Bush Photo" -- for a flash moment I thought it was a very bizarre request.

    *snort* and yes, I know you better than that.

  3. I'm having trouble with the "Bush Photo" remark. Enlighten me, if you will....


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