Friday, April 2, 2010

This I know

Today is not Saturday.  My brain has spring fever and is already on vacation.  Eight hours of work must be committed later today. THEN vacation begins. Eesh. The waiting is the hardest part.

Another two pounds have been lost from my 5'10" frame. That's a total of twelve pounds shed for those of you keeping track. Out of curiosity, I took my measurements after one week doing Power 90>: ¼" from my waist; ¾" from my hips; 1½" off each thigh and from my biceps - ½" right, ¾" left. Oooh, I'm gonna be so sexy!  I am not following a strict diet. I basically eat from the top two tiers of Michi's Ladder.  Typically, breakfast consists of a Shakeology shake.  Rarely do I feel famished. Water continues to be my primary beverage.  Occasionally, I add a whole lemon and sweeten with a few drops of Stevia. So refreshing! Also, I read food labels and find that I put most stuff back on the shelves.

The weather is finally agreeable.  It's absolutely gorgeous.  The heat in the house has been shut off and windows have been opened. Now if I could just kill off these f'ing lady bug look-a-likes.  Damn things are annoying and attack without provocation. When I opened a window in my son's room after a long winter of being shut, several carcasses fell. Nas-teeee! The vacuum bag is their final resting place.  My bat wing like upper arms aren't quite tone enough to proudly sport sleeveless tops, but I'm doing it anyway. Sweaters be gone!!

I washed the gray out of my hair last night.  A hint of auburn glistens amongst the dark strands. Springtime calls for brighter hues.

A long awaited visit from a friend occurs this evening and I cannot fully express the anxiousness I'm feeling at this very moment.  I'm trying to remain calm but this has been long anticipated. It's been over two decades since we've cast eyes upon each other.  Eek! Sure, photos and emails have been exchanged, but this is wholly different.  Oy!

That's what I know at the moment.  Happy Easter!


  1. Wishing you & Mancub a Groovy Easter weekend & a FUN TIME with your visiting friend!

  2. Have a fabulous Easter! Have fun with your friend!:)

  3. That's great, but where'd your archive disappear off to?


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