Sunday, April 11, 2010

He made me sin

As most of you know by now, I am kicking ass on this weight loss thing.  Working out has become second nature and my body shows it. Sure, the changes may be subtle and unnoticed to those who see me regularly, but I know my body is undergoing altered states. Quite literally, my tushy is higher. The cheeks no longer touch the top of my thighs.  It also helps to finally have a bra that fits properly (Le Mystere 965 Dream Tisha via -- the only site to carry my size in this Oprah endorsed style.). I suppose having less back flab makes that bra fit even better.  The point of telling you that is that is with my boobs being lifted, it accentuates my waistline and improves my posture. Without bragging too much, I feel sexier than I have in a eons.  Sometimes it's the little things that boost the mental state. And through that confidence exudes.

I want to take a second to point out that seventeen pounds have been shed, inches lost in just a little over a month through Beachbody workouts, Shakeology and following Michi's Ladder (see links section).  The last time I saw that success it took almost three months -- proof that NutriSystem is not for everyone. I'll let Marie Osmond and Angie Everhart keep that program.  I'm not bad mouthing it, mind you. It just wasn't for me for the long term.  I did lose twenty-five pound with it, but it cost me an arm and a leg and I gained it all back plus five. The moment I tried to feed myself, I went back to bad eating habits.  I learned absolutely nothing about proper nutrition. Where is the rhyme or reason to have food shipped to me? I prefer knowing exactly what is in the food I consume.  Color me a control freak in that regard.  Fresh is so much better than pre-fab.  The idea of eating from a box of microwaved food makes me want to hurl. 

Now, with that being said, I have a confession.  My friend called last night just as I was getting ready to throw on my pjs and cuddle up with some trash TV on E!  He inquired what I was doing and if I was up for going out.  Who am I to refuse? These opportunities are once in a lifetime, believe you me!

Firstly, Kankakee is not the hub of social excitement.  Bars do not appeal to me on a general basis. They make me feel age-ed.  The night prior a group of us got together for drinks and laughs.  That was my first step off the ladder.  Alcohol is not on the acceptable tiers.  Cheers! A long awaited homecoming required much toasting and revelry. 

So, last night with very few options, the beacon of doom called out to my friend: Baker's Square.  Good giggily goo! "Coffee. I'll just have coffee," I told myself.  Coffee; black, even.  Then, it happened. I had to go and show him the picture of my favorite pie.  French Apple Cream Cheese.  F*ck me running. 

"Nooo, I'll gain five pounds by morning." He insisted that wasn't true.  A grin appeared on his face ...

Our waitress returned and the words to order never fell from my lips. I just pointed to the picture of the pie.

When it was placed in front of me, I picked at it and only ate half making certain to savor each nibble. It's no justification yet I feel better about my sinnin'.  Err, indulgence in decadence.  We decided decadence is a much better way to say it than 'being bad' or 'sinning.' At least his encouragement to eat the whole thing fell on deaf ears.  I'm such a defiant one, aren't I?

Today I'm back on the ladder to success.  I prepared a lovely edamame salad with a Dijon drizzle for lunch.  Greenberry  Shakeology put me back on course at breakfast.

Oh! The scale remains the same as it did yesterday morning. Yes, I weigh myself nearly every day.  It keeps me focused.

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  1. You can always text me when in a situation like that and I'll make sure to tell you NOT to eat the whole thing, just a bite or two! :)


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