Sunday, April 25, 2010

Excuses need not apply

  1. "I don't have the time."
  2. "It's such a pain to go to the gym."
  3. "I don't have the money."
  4. "My knees are bad."
  5. "I love food too much."
Those are just a few excuses I've heard in regards to getting fit. They used to be the ones I turned to.Then, thanks to John Hays, it was brought to my attention that those late night infomercials on fitness programs from Beachbody were for real. They aren't filled with empty promises.  It's a matter of finding what works for me as an individual.  What's most important is this: FITNESS PROGRAMS ONLY WORK IF I WORK AT THEM.

I want to share a little story with you before I get back up on my platform. A couple of weeks ago, while waiting for management to arrive in the morning at work, I sat drinking my Shakeology and observing the many walkers at the mall.  One particular walker caught my attention and gave me renewed hope in my own physical abilities.  His female companion walked at a cadence in keeping with him. His left foot lagged slightly and was turned inward. This man was clearly physically challenged in some capacity but it did not deter him from walking for the health benefits. Each step he took appeared labored, but he continued to put one foot in front of the other with a smile on his face. He didn't cut corners when other walkers cut across the hall rather than following a full course. This amazing man even dipped into the corners around the entry way.  He was making each and every step count.  He became my champion. My regret is that I didn't hop up to walk with them or tell him how inspiring he is and will remain to be.

That brief encounter made me re-evaluate my dedication and determination about a lot of things in life, not just getting fit.  Sure, I could go easy on myself. After all, no one is tracking me. There's no actual trainer in my face telling me I'm weak or that I could push myself. But I've learned that setting a goal and knocking it out of the park has greater reward.  Then, I raise the bar a tad higher and hit it.  It feels so damn good to not let my fear of success allow me to fail.

Amazing concept, eh? It's no different than the idea that your body will ultimately reflect what you put in to it.  Even thin people can look terrible in a swimsuit or be dependent on medications for blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol, pain, malnutrition.  Sure, it's easy to just pop a pill and think you're living, but let's get real! Is that truly how you want to treat the single most perfectly engineered machine on the planet? Even the finest automobiles require maintenance to keep them running like a dream.  Do the same for your body.

I finally got it in my head that this is not about looking good.  It's about being FIT and HEALTHY.  I finally found an ideal beginning workout match for me.  I've discussed it before on this blog. It's Power 90. An in-home basic training program with my favorite trainer, Tony Horton.  You've probably seen the infomercials for his P90X.  That's next on my list.  A birthday present to myself.  People will not believe I'm 45.  I'm looking forward to shopping for new clothes!

I weighed myself yesterday.  After a week of no weight loss (I paid the price for breaking training), I really pushed myself.  My nutrition was not neglected.  I punched harder, kicked higher and dropped lower on modified push-ups.  The scale gave me exactly what I wanted.  Since March 13, I have lost TWENTY POUNDS!! The majority of that started to fall off once I began the POWER 90 Boot Camp (see widget to the right). That program was started on March 26, 2010.  Today is April 25, 2010.

I'm literally blown away by my progress.  I'm seeing definition in my arms. My bras fit more loosely -- so much for buying new ones!  My jeans not only fit better but look better. No longer is my butt smooshed by the jeans fitting too tightly.  It's becoming a proper protrusion in all its firmer and higher badonkadonk glory.  Curious how my thighs were coming along in transformation, I grabbed a pair of my son's Levis.  Jeans made for a man easily slid over my thighs and hips. Hot-cha-cha! Mancub has a tiny little hiney.  Sure, they fit him much more loosely, but the point is a month ago those things wouldn't go higher than mid-thigh on me. Oh! And I asked our lab coat supplier at work to send me smaller coats. The other ones from Omar's Tent & Awning are no longer needed.  I told him about my goals and he is delighted to bring me even smaller ones when I put in the request. Giggity!

I would be remiss to lead you to believe it's all about the work-outs on Power 90, which you do not have to be a dancer to accomplish. I'm mindful of each and every thing I consume.  I do not eat fast food.  I read labels for hidden fats and sugars (don't believe the commercials that HFCS - high fructose corn syrup - is good for you).  I drink water or tea with lemon.  Stevia extract has replaced other sweeteners. Yet, I limit that, as well.

The other day at work I was preparing one of my chocolate Shakeology in a shaker.  My general manager, who was eating some fried food from Ruby Tuesday's, asked, "how long are you going to do this diet?"  I replied, "FOREVER! Diet? This isn't a diet. This is a lifetime plan." 

Our food isn't flavorless or tasteless.  I'm creative.  I'm cooking more now than ever and Mancub appreciates it so much.  He'll eat whatever I set in front of him.  Instead of grabbing whatever, I carry Michi's Ladder in my wallet to remind me what items are on the top two tiers with an occasional dip onto tier three.  It's so simple! Grocery shopping has never been easier.

I've provided links to Michi's Ladder, Shakeology and my coach page on Beachbody if you're curious or interested in any of the products offered.  With Shakeology, they offer an empty bag guarantee. Does McDonald's offer that?  My son frequently Jonesed for McD's chocolate shakes. Now, he just makes himself one with Shakeology in the blender.  He swears that are just as delicious and creamy!

Team Beachbody offers a wealth of information -- endless. Basic membership is free and a great way to find community to get you started or help you further in your health and fitness goals.  And hey! I'm there. I'm ready and willing to help you get there.  The journey doesn't have to be one of solitude! 

and in case you need more inspiration. This story will blow you away. I dare you to make excuses after viewing this.


  1. Your story and Cammie's are both extremely inspiring!!

  2. Isn't muscle definition exciting & sexy?

    Wait till you start seeing your quadriceps popping up at ya.

  3. I too have lost weight. Progress is slow though. I have yet to work up the desire to exert myself beyond all the running around and lifting and carrying I do at work. Well do I remember those oversized labcoats I had to wear. I recall the catalog was aerial photos, wasn't it?

  4. Cat! I am seeing a change in the definition of my thighs. It's so wild. I noticed when I was doing dips yesterday.

    Jeff, even taking a brisk walk is the first step. Congrats on the weight you have lost. As my groovy coach has told me, make task related goals for each day. Write it down and make yourself accountable to accomplishing the tasks. It's an awesome, simple concept, but it helps tremendously to achieve the BIG goal


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