Sunday, April 18, 2010

Hello Again

This will come as a shock (though already revealed in the Twenty Five Startling Facts about Me blog post), I didn't watch GLEE when the season premiere was on April 13, 2010.  As surprising as it may seem with consideration to how much I absolutely adore the Fox program, something better came knocking on my door.  The invitation to dinner didn't come as a surprise, mind you.  The time and place was simply up in the air due to other obligations of the party who would arrive at my door with a present in tow.  Quite frankly, the object this most beautiful man carted from his rental car is a mere representation of the truest gifts one person can give another willfully and unconditionally.

Go on. Take a moment to make the finger in the throat gagging motion.  I can wait.

What's the literal item he bought for me, you ask? It's an oversized relaxer with canopy.  In essence, a fancy chaise lounge.  It reclines.  I can relax in the sunshine. Yes, it sounds quite simple but it represents that which we some how manage to give each other: Sunshine even on the cloudiest of days.

You want to gag again? I understand. **cue Jeopardy tune**

Back to GLEE.  The title of the episode is "Hell-O."  In it, the New Directions are assigned to find a new way of saying hello during their performances.  If you don't watch the show then none of this will make sense. If you do watch it then there's no need for me to babble on about it.

When I was in high school I was in our show choir, "The Celebration Singers." While it sounds like we were a revival group, we were not.  During my senior year, we sang the Neil Diamond song from THE JAZZ SINGER, "Hello Again."  It was the ballad of the season. Each time I hear it I'm taken back. It's a sweet memory.  But finally watching the episode of GLEE on gave it all new meaning.  It also made it clear that it was probably best that the most magnificent man in the world and I opted to go to dinner rather than watch the show together.  Firstly, I would have cried when the Diamond song was played. But mostly, there were so many parallel instances that it blew my mind just a wee bit.  Simply stated, the song's meaning truly sings to me more now than ever.

Curious? Here's the episode. Sorry for those of you who live outside the United States -- I don't think Hulu is available to y'all.


  1. Bah! I can't get Hulu here in old Blighty. I'll have to try to catch it on the box (they show Glee but on some cockamamy channel).

  2. By the way, the word verification I had to do for the previous comment was "ballsmip". Sounds painful.

  3. I loved the Glee episode and I love that song. I am also jealous of your new reclining chaise lounge...Fabulous!!


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