Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A walk in the park

Yesterday we finally had sunshine and temps above 70. Just barely, but I didn't have to wear a coat. I threw on my walking gear, tossed my iPod in my bra. I have no pockets or that armband doo-hickey for iPods. The thing isn't nestled between Thelma and Louise. I tuck it in the upper portion of the strap right above the meaty part of my boob, and it stays put. It's better than slipping it in my undies and praying it doesn't slide too far south.
Anywho, I cue up the 50 minute program for power walking and make my way to the park near my home. I usually ache for the first 10 minutes. Then, the happy hormones kick in, and I no longer feel the twinges in my thighs. Once the program ended I decided I wanted to bask in the sunshine. So, forgetting that I'm a 42 year old adult, I climb up on a picnic table and stretch out. I realize this probably looks compromising to the people working in the Forest Preserve office adjacent to the walking track. So, I pull my legs up to appear more casual. As if!
There's a breeze to offset the heat of the direct sunlight. My mind drifts to various scenarios in my life. I can't specifically recall anything because in that short time my head is clear. I forget that gas is $4.00 or more a gallon. I let go of the workplace woes. Released is the angst over my financial state. I pay no attention to the road construction. Jackhammers and the smelly remains of asphalt diminish. It's just me, a picnic table and sunshine.
By this point I'm listening to Imogen Heap singing about a guy she can't seem to ignore no matter how hard to tries ... Goodnight and Go. "why'd you have to be so cute?" She asks. Yeah. I can dig it.


  1. How ironic I should see this, I'm going to do my walking at a local nature conservatory tomorrow. Figured since school is now out, I may as well start getting in better shape.

  2. The walking thing just works for me. I know I need weight bearing exercise, but I figure lifting my ass up off the couch counts. When I get to a more manageable weight I'll get busy with some muscle building/toning.


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