Friday, May 30, 2008

Baby needs a new pair of shoes

I've been feeling relatively uninspired to sit and write. Putting my fingers to the keyboard and expressing myself just isn't flowing freely. I don't know that I could be a professional journalist because of that notion. I suspect if my livelihood was on the line I could muster a story. However, it's not. So, I haven't written much. If it's any consolation, I have thought about it. I blame the weather, economy and my lack of consideration for eating properly (grad parties and Memorial Day picnic fixins). Oh, and the weather has sucked so much that getting outside to walk hasn't been tempting. I made the most of the exercise DVDs I own, but nothing compares to getting out in nature and challenging myself to push myself to go around the track one more time.
I received my Rebate Stimulus Check. Don't bother calling to borrow money. It was, essentially, already spent before I received it. All the end of the year field trips my son went on broke the Bank of Miss Riss. Factor in that I wore out both pairs of walking shoes. They were on their last tread to begin with, but I pushed them well beyond their life expectancy. So, I splurged on myself and picked up some new sneaks. They breathe better than the all leather ones. So, walking in the summer months won't be so stressful on my dogs.
Can we talk about ridiculous gas prices? Not like anybody needs to be told, but if you're like me you're struggling. I do as much as possible on my way to or from work. Extra trips in the car are luxury items. This town is not bicycle friendly. Actually, it's not very pedestrian friendly. Walking from Aroma Park to Kankakee is not only difficult due to lack of sidewalks, but you take your safety in your own hands. Walk quickly and carry a side arm, kids! Kankakee is not the town it once was. At my son's age my friends and I would walk or bike everywhere. The worst thing we concerned ourselves with was a stray dog chasing after us. Woe is me.
I do have happier news. I'm about an inch away from buttoning my skinny Levis. I know I have about 20 pounds to go before I could sit in them and still manage to breathe. Or, not spontaneously urinate from too much pressure on my kidneys and bladder. I've been wearing bras that barely fit 3 years ago. Now, I can confidently put them on without fear that breast matter will ooze from the sides, bottom or top. That's damn cool if you ask me. I still have that squishy back flab that's impossible to hide with summer tops. But guess what? It's progress and I'm proud.
I shopped around for surf shorts that aren't overtly masculine. It ain't easy, but I'll find the perfect pair. I found a swimsuit website that caters to larger breasted women. It'll be a hefty price to purchase, but when your boobs are bigger than most newborn infants, it ain't nothin'. The tops are designed like a bra. In other words, they have inner support, underwires, non stretch straps that adjust and wider back bands. Once I get my order, I'll report back the fit. If I like it, I'll give out the site name. If I hate it, I'll give out the site name.


  1. I'm a big proponent of not writing if you don't feel like it. I know the common wisdom is to write something every single day, no matter what. But I just don't see the value in producing something you know isn't going to make you happy. Don't force it. It'll come.

  2. I often have so much going on in my head that it's difficult to collect and make it cohesive.
    I realize I don't have legions of readers, but I got sick of looking at the same post heading :)

  3. The irony of the post is that even when you don't feel like writing, it's still interesting what you write.

    But the great things about a blog is that you don't HAVE to write something new everyday. Some do, but not everyone.

    Besides, if you compile your thoughts into a book, you'll have to edit out some day's posts anyway. So, don't spook yourself. ;-)

  4. Thanks, Anony. I know I don't need to put something on my blog just for the sake of doing so.
    Once I do, I have a sense of accomplishment ... especially if it garners comments. Groooooovy.


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