Monday, May 5, 2008

"I feel like a super hero"

Per usual, my morning consists of watching the news on Fox Chicago. They just aired a human interest piece about an 11 year old paper boy who saved an elderly woman's life. He noticed mail and the paper hadn't been picked up for a couple of days. He went to his mom and said that he was worried that something wasn't right. The police were called and they discovered the woman had fallen. She'd suffered a broken hip three days earlier and was unable to call for help. She was severely dehydrated. The police and paramedics informed this wee hero that had he not shown concern and reported it the woman would surely have died within hours.
This little fellow is also mowing this woman's lawn and picking up her mail until she's home from the hospital. The woman's nephew was interviewed and stated that his aunt had just talked about what a great little paperboy she had. "And she's hard to please. So, that's really saying something." The toe-headed hero's mother glowed with pride as she talked about her son. Who wouldn't?
So, in this world where we think 'kids today don't care', keep in mind that there are kids who care. As a parent, it's up to us to teach them compassion. Demonstrate it; live it.

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  1. This kid has set the bar high.
    Wouldn't it be nice for kids his age to achieve that kind of level of achievement instead of seeing who can send their parents into therapy the quickest?


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