Friday, May 2, 2008

Robert Downey, Jr.

I'm taking Man-cub to see Ironman tomorrow and I don't know who is more excited. I'm willing to bet that I'm edging him out in anxiousness. Robert Downey Jr is one of those actors I've always pulled for. When he was battling drugs and rehab, I was praying he'd come out alive and recovering. It's been five years of living clean and sober. I read that in previous projects he had to supply his own insurance because the film companies wouldn't cover him. He was a high risk. Now that he's sticking to his rehabbed ways the film company gladly forks over the insurance. I also read that John Favreau pushed and insisted that RDJ was the perfect choice to play Tony Stark.
On my favorite blog Stuck in the 80s, Spearsy posted about the fallen stars of the 80s. Those who've dropped from good graces. A few years ago RDJ would have found himself on that list. However, today we're only seeing him in fantastic shape with a new lease on a career as he celebrates his 43rd year. Unlikely superhero, sure. I'll give a mini-review and reaction from a 13 year old boy after we return. In the meantime, enjoy this Elton John video for "I Want Love" starring the man of the hour: Robert Downey, Jr.


  1. At first, I was a bit leary of the idea of Robert jr. playing Ironman. I will withold the final word til I see the movie. I'm all for giving him a second shot, let's see if he pulls it off.

  2. I LOVE Robert Downey Jnr. So cute and talented. I have always pulled for him too!

  3. Worked with him... have stories up the wazoo... and they are ALL complimentary.

    HE is a genius. He is kind, hilarious, hot-as-sin, and I think his wife helped him change his life around. I hope so. I will never say one bad word about this man ever. Ever. Watching "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang" reminded me a lot of the person I saw him to really be.

    Oh, Marissa, you got me all worked up today.
    When people ask me who my favourite actor I've ever worked with was... and there's been hundreds... I saw RDJ without hesitation. Sigh...

  4. Oh Lydia! You made my day. Well, seeing Iron Man was fantastic, but hearing your personal account of working with RDJ just tickles me to no end. Wow! Hokey Smokes! This is really a thrill. I'd faint if I ever made his acquaintance. Seriously. He's perfection in Iron Man. Those BIG BROWN EYES! His smirky confidence. Holy shit! Now who's worked up?


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