Saturday, May 31, 2008

Love is like a Rock!

E! Entertainment News reports that Dwayne "THE ROCK" Johnson is officially a free man. May 19, 2008 marked the date on which he was declared single. You know what that means? That's right. Guilt-free lusting for your's truly. He's absolutely divine. A hunk-o-fabuloso dream walking! He's the extra fudge and brownie topping on the most rich vanilla ice cream. He is the extra protein punch in a banana smoothie. He's who makes me drool.

My friend who lives in Venice Beach, CA reports that he's spoken to Dwayne at the gym. My pal says he's genuinely kind and hella good looking. Not as ginormous as one might assume. But in Hollywood few men stand over 6' tall. So, someone with a Greek God presence, such as Dwayne, would be heads above them all. Mmmm and what a lovely head it is.

GET SMART, anyone? I don't care that it's being panned by the critics. He's beautimus. When he smiles and ::swoon:: raises that eyebrow ... well, you can find me in the the theater. I'll be the puddle with the bucket of popcorn.


  1. Wow. You and I can go cruising ANY TIME because we have polar opposite ideals in the male species!

    I'm glad to see you back writing again.
    I've missed you. (Yes, please, send info for swimsuits tops for girls who don't look like 12 year old boys...)
    And CONGRATS on the skinny Levi's! By Labor Day, you'll be wearing them everywhere!

  2. My tastes in men are all over the place. I'm not stuck on one type. From the hunk above to Cusackian sorts to Drew Carey. I think I just dig men lol

    I tried on some non-underwire tankini tops at Target just for the hell of it. OY! Well worth the price for the custom tops @

  3. Nothing wrong with having a fondness for chocolate. I have a HUGE fondness for Khandi Alexander and Tyra Banks. Too bad Khandi smokes like a chimney and Tyra(allegedly) is a megabitch.

    Kinda makes me wonder(out of curiousity) what were the grounds for the divorce?

  4. According to the article on E! website, he and his wife just hit a wall as a couple, but their custody agreement is amicable and, without a doubt, has their daughter's best interests in hand. The former Mrs. Rock has no interest in alimony, either. He's paying something like $22,000 a month in child support and they've agreed to joint custody. They're even ante-ing up equal shares for the kid's private education/college fund.
    Gee, I know too much about this lol

  5. Amen sister, he is a treat for the eyes. He's been on my radar since his early days wrestling as Rocky Maivia, but that's because I'm a wrasslin' fan from way back. We have big plans to see Get Smart, no doubt! (And honestly, I had no guilt in lusting after him even when he was married, sheesh!)

  6. I only said my lust would now be guilt free as a means of sounding more demure. Did it work?


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