Wednesday, May 7, 2008

American Idol 7 ~ Top 4 a real snoozer

I asked my 13 year old son to poke me with a stick if he caught me falling asleep during the performances by the top 4 contestants on American Idol. I can't believe this is the direction voters have taken. Apparently people are sleep deprived. Obviously I yearn for more entertainment. Clearly America can't choose a proper Idol (much like presidential candidates). What to do? What to do!?
By now everybody knows Jason Castro totally obliterated Bob Dylan's Mr. Tambourine Man. Seriously, I think he wants to just go the hell home. He overtly demonstrates that he's just bored with the entire process. The weather back home is probably ideal and he's itchin' to just hang out, dude. I implore the droves of teen voters who text their Castro votes in until their knuckles are bleeding to STOP THE INSANITY! Why, oh why couldn't you have done that for 'Roo? You can't run your fingers through dread locked hair. He admitted one of the tendrils fell OFF during a dinner date. That isn't appetising, girls.
Syesha needs to stop with the shifty eyes scanning for who is looking at her or where the cameras are. She annoys me. I don't care how well she sings (or not). The tears? Give me a break! She was fine until Paula said something about how much she's changed. The chick is an actress! She wasn't great. She wasn't terrible, but I'm sick of watching her.
David Cook couldn't have been less lackluster (unless he was Jason Castro). That was the worst rendition of "Hungry Like the Wolf" EVER! His take on Baba O'Riley put me into a rage similar to the night 'Roo was voted off. I still think DC has the greatest amount of ability and talent in the bunch, but jeez! What was that? I think he wants to get Daughtry'd so he has control in the direction he career goes post Idol. Just sayin'. Well, a lot of people are speculating that it's the way of the new Idol.
The insanity just needs to stop and I think they need to hand the crown to David Archuleta right now. He'll be the one to mostly benefit from winning. The kid is talented. He can sing. He rarely hits sour notes. His stage presence makes me a uneasy, but he's young and that's to be expected. He is perfect for the puppeteers behind American Idol. He can get a headstart on his music career, make some cash and divorce his parents so he can quickly crash and burn the way of Macaulay Culkin.
Paula Abdul seems to be sharing some smoke with Jason Castro. It was decided during a live chat on Pop Life that Paula is using Madlibs or those phrase magic refrigerator magnets to pull together comments. She's out of her mind and topped herself with this gem directed at David Cook, "watch your soul." I don't know if that's a warning or she's experiencing hallucinations. Whatever the case, I want what she's having!

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