Saturday, May 3, 2008

IRON MAN ~ Go. Now. Awesome!

Robert Downey, Jr. has just won my heart. I proclaim him my newest celebrity crush. He is supreme in IRON MAN. His natural smirky charm just oozes from every delectable pore. The movie simply fantastic. John Favreau directs this latest Stan Lee comic turned big screen phenomenon. Favreau also appears as Tony Stark's driver. Great! Stan Lee makes his Hitchcockian appearance per usual.

I am not a film maker; nor am I a writer or profess to know a lick about making movies. However, I do watch a lot of movies and this one will have me in line again at the theater. I'll own it on DVD. I'll anxiously await the director's cut super deluxe edition. The entire audience at the 11:55 a.m. showing were captivated, as well as, humored. I wouldn't suggest this being appropriate for wee tots, but my 13 year old loved it. There are jokes and innuendo that had the adults laughing; physical humor that tickled the kids' funny bones. The uber high tech gadgetry will appease the nerdiest geekazoids.

RDj will certainly have any doubting Thomas's dismissing the notion that Favreau brought in the wrong man for the role. Unlike many superhero alter egos, Tony Stark isn't some shy goober who happens to luck out due to some bio hazard accident. There's a suave charmer beneath the metal. Tony has control over his destiny and isn't afraid to use his new found power via technology to set wrongs right. Holy shiikes! Have I mentioned that you have to go see this movie? DO NOT WAIT FOR VIDEO! It's a must see on the big screen. If you can get to an IMAX theater to view it, DO IT!

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  1. Actually, I'm one of those fanboy geeks (well, lapsed) and I can't imagine another actor playing that role. I saw the movie tonight with a date (she's not a geek) and we were both suitably impressed. We're going again on Tuesday to the local IMAX. Ok, maybe she is a geek.


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