Monday, May 12, 2008

Blah blah ~ Shut up!

Sometimes there are days, instances, moments where I just want to scream, "Shut up! Will you please stop talking!? Enough already. Thank you."


  1. There are people who can't be comfortable with silence. Let's say a particular someone I'm unfortunately acquainted with was so desperate that she was reading bumper stickers out loud. A forced situation. Blah!

  2. Usually these kinds of thoughts happen around the 5th year of marriage as it usually starts out as, "What do you want to do today?"
    (response) "Kill you"

    Seriously, I know how you feel, it's like you are supersensitive to certain bahaviors or just plain words being spoken that when observed, it sets you off.

  3. ha! "kill you."

    The person I was forced to ride shotgun with annoys me beyond all belief.
    She's the kind of person who walks into a room and screams -- i mean literally screams in a childlike voice -- "HIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!" and wonders why I respond with a "die, bitch die!" glare.

  4. Heaven help me, I know exactly how you feel. What is it about the passing of air through one's larynx that so many people find so fascinating?

  5. To top it all off, she whistles like a tea kettle, then asks, "don't I whistle pretty? can you tell what song it is?" ARGH!


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