Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Why I'd Marry Shakeology If It Was Human

I'm simply going to be honest with you. Until around April of 2010, I had issues. Digestive problems. Now, I know that's not very exciting to talk about, but it's the truth. I chalked it up to getting older. Little by little a list, a long one at that, was made of the foods that agreed with me and didn't bode well once consumed. Quite frankly it became a bit unnerving as I love to enjoy food. While my outlook about eating are healthier and less about feeding my emotions, I still love the flavors, textures and aroma of food.

Then along comes Shakeology. All I knew at the time of first purchase, March 2010, was that I held on to the hope it would help me lose weight. It didn't phase me to inquire about ingredients. My Team Beachbody Coach John Hays informed me that it wasn't a bunch of fillers, artificial sweeteners, artificial flavors or colors. Nor does it contain its weight in sugar (like Slim-fast and a host of others on the over-the-counter market).

Once the 30 day supply arrived and I began using it as a meal replacement in the morning, something struck me odd after a couple of weeks. I felt better. I became a regular gal, if you know what I mean. That's when I inquired about Shakeology's magic healing powers. That's what I claim. Beachbody in no way does that. Remember, I'm talking from a personal perspective and experience. Amongst the 70 ingredients is probiotics.

All 70 Shakeology ingredients
Probiotics in Shakeology promote good digestion, boost the immune system and help your body naturally control intestinal pH levels. Well, no wonder I was feeling so much better! My body was being tuned up!

Then, I tried the 3-Day Cleanse. Assured by John, my coach, that it wasn't like that crazy starvation chili-lemonade thing Beyonce' and Oprah have claimed to use to drop weight quickly, I set the date to do it. John, being an awesome guy, did the cleanse at the same time as a support. At that time I didn't consider what time of month it was. Yeah, you totally know what I'm hinting at. It concerned me because I become a ravenous eating machine. I crave sodium and anything junky. Not only that but being cranky and pissy about everything at the drop of a hat doesn't begin to describe the effects of PMS. LOO-NA-TIC! And the cramping? Fahgettaboutit.

OK, this is where you need to imagine a choir of ethereal angels singing in refrain as the heavens open up ... my PMS was curbed while on the 3-day Cleanse. The compulsion to eat junk food and Diet Coke had disappeared. Could it be true that when you give the body what it NEEDS, then you no longer crave the things that are horrible for it? Whoa. Hold the phone, sister! And on top of it I wasn't bloated to the max -- remember, Aunt Flow was around. I lost 6.5 pounds. My crankiness level barely registered as a blip on the radar. Egads!!!

Miraculously, the junk food cravings and desire to drink diet soda were gone! My body was then ready to begin a more intense work out program (Power 90 -- P90Xs mom). Within 90 days I lost 34 pounds and felt better from every facet of living than I had in decades.

It's weird to say something so simple and pure could give me a new lease on life, but it has.  I love how I feel and it all began with deciding to do something about my situation of being obese. Then, committing to a program that works. Also, committing to sharing my journey. As a result, I am seeing success! That success has spread to many aspects of my life.

So, yeah! If Shakeology was a man I'd totally marry it.

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