Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Motivation vs Inspiration

As part of a promise to myself and coaching through Beachbody, I partake in daily personal development.  It might be viewing a Joel Osteen clip on youtube, reading The Slight Edge by Jeff Olsen or, more recently, listening to a Dr. Wayne Dyer audio book to and from work in my car.

Now, this may not be something any one of you reading this finds interesting.  Some of you may think my choice of authors/orators is bumpkiss and foolishness.  But guess what? I take away with it what is useful to me toward improving myself inside -- the outside will follow suit as I continue on the path of having a love affair with moi.

There is one particular passage that has stuck with me as I listened to Wayne Dyer discuss what it is that makes him do what he does in his lectures and seminars.  What persuades him unknowingly to take on projects. 
Motivation is an external force while inspiration is an internal force. Motivation is focusing on the external – a goal, an outcome, an achievement. Inspiration is focusing on the internal – energy and intuition. Inspiration is being in spirit or in connection with a higher Intelligence. Motivation is based on a motive which is individual experience.

Whoa! Can I get that on my coffee mug, a tee shirt, a banner on my bedroom wall? Maybe it's trivial for you, but to me it means following what I feel is intrinsically driving me. That thing you cannot see, but offers up the sense there is something much greater.

Let's just say that I'm listening to the voices of inspiration and that motivates me beyond a realm ever thought to be worthy of a quest so great.


  1. I may be Jewish but I have watched Joel Osteen EVERY Sunday morning for at least the past 4 to 5 years....
    I also loved that quote! Thank you for sharing!

  2. Fabulous! Sunday was actually the first time I tuned in. Admittedly, I was turned off by his fortune. so, I ignored him. Then, I felt a beckoning as I flipped channels and his 'sermon' grabbed hold of me. It was about "bloom where you're planted." I'm a firm believer that such things are no accidents. What he was sharing was exactly what I needed to hear. So often I feel like I'm in a field of weeds -- oft times, very thorny, prickly thistles. Some times I'm very 'weedy'. But what I long to be is a vibrant blossom that attracts others to aspire and bloom rather than be strangled by the weeds.

  3. Hi, just wanted to stop by and say thanks for visiting my blog on my SITS day! I like this, the distinction between inspiration and motivation. Thanks for the inspirational thought!


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