Sunday, December 19, 2010

Dear Marissa: The Video

When I first started recording video to post on this blog I used a webcam.  A cheap one at that. The resolution was awful. In a moment my rosy complexion would turn Yoda green.  Then, I bought a digital camera that also had video capabilities. Unfortunately, natural lighting is required as the flash isn't steady when filming.  Recently, I adopted a Droid.  Sure, I could read the manual from cover to cover and watch the handy dvd that came with it, but why do that when I can sit for hours tinkering with it and getting utterly frustrated. Only at that moment do I consult the manual... or the 22 year old who works for me.  The Droid has a cam-corder app.  Seeing that thrilled me to pieces! Plus, there's lighting! The quality isn't too bad once I figured out how to adjust brightness. Prior to that my face was so illuminated that my nose literally vanished off my face.  Trust me, with my honker that is no small feat.  The problem arose when I tried posting directly to Youtube.  The file size was too large to go the traditional route. Wi-fi was required. But I HAVE wi-fi.  We got it so we could use Netflix through the Wii. A good part of Friday was spent on trial and error.  I'd record; then record a shorter version. I even tried talking faster. The video simply would not transmit.  Now I know how Luke Skywalker felt about retrieving the message out of R2D2. By the end of the night I sounded terribly scripted. Plus, I'd adjourned to my bedroom to record as not to get the noises of my son's video game or television program in the background. Oh, and let us not leave out the howling of the goofy cat. You ask what's so bad about being in my bedroom? The God awful, hideous wallpaper. That's what. It looks like a 1977 Rose Bowl float threw up on my walls. This is a rental that I've lived in for five years.  I don't bother to ask to paint/strip/whatever because it's dark and my eyes are closed when I'm in there.  OK? Point being, it is not an attractive backdrop for a blog posting unless I'm conducting some retro, creepy porno involving old ladies.  Which I AM NOT!  So, I tried to hang something on my headboard to disguise the heinous wallpaper. What resulted was the appearance I was attempting to hide something. Bleah.

This is the result of resorting back to my digital camera video feature early in the morning before the cats and child could distract me.  No, the lighting isn't great. Yes, the background is beige. In this house you either get paneling, beige blinds or fugly as hell wallpaper. Or a dirty kitchen -- I've been baking. Shup!

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Dear Marissa: Just Bring It!

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