Friday, December 24, 2010

Bring It! P90X for Christmas

When you're a single gal it's not unusual to make purchases around Christmas and declare that since you have no one to buy you gifts, you do it for yourself. Apparently I'm not alone in that frame of thinking because, statistically speaking, 1 in 4 women admit to shopping for themselves when out spending moolah on others.

What did I buy? Well, I made my quarterly pilgrimage to Bath and Body Works. Buy 3 get 3 free is a great lure. Of those six items, 3 were for Mancub. So, technically, the other 3 for myself were free. Don't you feel better already about my spending?  Prior to that I'd pre-ordered a book on Amazon.  Any guesses what it might be? ::hint: look to your right::

2011 I have sworn to myself that I will BRING IT! Tony Horton style and I'm taking my 16 year old son with me.  He and I are starting that amazing muscle confusion, 90 day program known as P90X.  To further my accountability, our journey will be chronicled right here! Every day there will be a brief update regarding our progress.  In your face honesty.  If we slack off, we'll admit it.  Photos will be included along with a smattering of video.

If you're psyched and wanting to join in -- we'd love to have your input about your own journey added to the comments -- get over to my Team Beachbody website and order the program of your choice to BRING IT! in 2011. Check out the supplements, too. You'll definitely need P90X Results and Recovery Formula. It tastes like an orange creamcicle!!

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